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    these stories are from my friend who works in the ER

    1. a young lady, early 20's came in with complaints of laceration in her rectal area and scratches in her back. She said she was preparing her bath, she was bending down to check the water temp and supposedly her dog "did" her from behind. I dont even want to expand on this story, just use your imagination.

    2. another, yes young lady, came in because she fell down, she was wearing a skirt and accidentally landed on a Zucchini and it broke off, witht he other half still in her rectum....... yah right!

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    Ive never heard of this, but I will make sure I ask one of our GI docs tomorrow if this is true....

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    One post op patient (not mine) keeps asking for water. Patient was NPO until am. Pateint keeps asking water to everybody, when I passed by his room he called me in and ask for water. Told him we have strict orders from his doc that he cant have anything until am. Patient told me that a doctor "and I'm not naming names told me that I will get poor service here at night" I looked him straight in and told him, "Thats ok, we have the same opinions on those same doctors." and walked out. I was just going to sneak him some ice chips, I guess not.
    I just went to his nurse and told her what happened. I also talked to our manager about what happened just in case the patient will complain that I was rude, our manager told me "good job, if the docs think that the patient will get poor care, why send their patients here?"

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    I used to work at a nursing home before and one resident turned on her call light, when I went in to anser it, she asked me to catch the mosquito in her room.... told her I will send the terminator in. :-( :-)

    at the hospital, one patient asked me to cut and paint her toe nails. I dont even know how to paint may toes. tols her to ask her family to do it.

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    Found in one of Docs order
    "Transfer patient to ICU.
    Run IV as fast as you can."

    he, he, I hope IV is not the nurse.

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    How about this one...
    " I am not coming in to work, its private and personal and none of your f#%$^%* business ! "