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    hello, i wanted to tell fellow camp nurses about a free service called passportmd and as it relates to camp nursing, passportmd is an award winning free electronic health record service started several years ago. is powered by passportmd's software and will include everything that camp nurses outline as important in the health history, including medications, dosages, frequencies, allergies, to meds and foods, shots and immunizations, medical conditions, doctor contact info and even doctor's actual notes..etc etc...users are taken through an easy to use 10 step wizard that builds this information for them and then the user can print it off in a simplified , organized and easily viewable format. we as camp nurses should understand that this is free as it is really a valuable service that is important and that treats all campers and camp nurses equally without a cost issue whatsoever. additionally, this info remains safe and secure and can be accessed online only via password, which depending upon the parents or the camps, if this is a preferred method to retrieve the info, than this can be shared with the camp nurses...
    i am told that the site will be available in 2 weeks with all the summer camp customizations. i wanted to share this information with fellow camp nurses as i am sure they share similar support for our cause, that is providing this type of service for free to campers. as we all care for camper's health and making camp nursing easier and better, i wanted camp nurses to tell their camps or their campers about it, before summer camp. it can be used and created minutes before a camper goes to camp, and i believe, can really make a difference in the life and health of a camper.