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    i am a filipina nurse here in saudi arabia planning to take the CRNE exam for British columbia, however, after reviewing the step by step guide, i learned that SEC assessment and other additional education needed if asked by CRNBC for me to take, has to be done or taken in canada....even the CRNE itself...unlike NCLEX, you can take it on any pearson vue centers...its kinda frustrating coz i don't have too much money to spend on going back and forth to canada...

    please share your thoughts on this...

    Or any advice???

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    hi, can you please tell me the hospitals in those areas??? and which one do you recommend for me to apply to??? and other special requirements...?


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    i love it! you are an inspiration to most students and newly RN's who think they could not make it and who are very scared to make mistakes...well i'm one of them....

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    Quote from suzanne4
    You are applying for licensure as an RN, you cannot apply just to take the NCLEX exam. Depending on which state that you are planning to work in, suggest that you wait until you test and get the results. Even if you get thru that exam, the big issue is that you will not be able to get a Visa Screen Certificate until that is passed.

    And also recommend that you rewrite the entire exam, it will give you a better chance of passing the entire exam.
    Thanks maam, you are a huge help to all of us...:spin:

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    Quote from Silverdragon102
    you have to declare that you are waiting for the results and they will more than likely delay your application until you have the results. I would probably wait until you have sat and received results
    Thanks to you... you are really a big help.....

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    i second the motion........Nurses are not cheaters... even me for example, I am working here in middle east not as a nurse but as medical secretary, I dont have experience yet coz I came here already after I passed the board, you cannot be licensed here unless you have a minimum of 2years experience in your country, the medical centre on which I am working now, says they can help me to become a nurse and have license here if I can fake a certification of experience from my country, it was a tempting offer coz i can work in my field and will receive a bigger salary........but I am not that kind of person who cheats and fakes just for the money, I know that experience is important for patient care, I know that my nursing skills and knowledge as a student before are not enough for me even if I passed the board exam already, so better to wait for the right God's time where I can practice skillfully my profession and provide the best nursing skills to all who will receive my care...when that time comes, I am confident coz I didn't cheat myself, others and especially GOD! so "NO to CHEATING" !

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    Its been quite a while since i visited this site..glad i have time today...I want to ask something...I am planning to retake my test 3 and 5 exam this december, also i am planning to apply for nclex, I have the application forms already but one thing is bothering me.... is it ok to mail already all the requirements for nclex in the US before the result of board exam will come out???will the nclex delay the process of my papers and wait for the result???or not at all....? thanks........

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    hi to all...

    still the CGFNS has no decision regarding the june nle passers if they are allowed to take or not... coz i want to take the exam...... they said in their post that they will give their decision as soon as possible but until now..........
    unfortunately, im one of those who passed and did not cheat and receive any leaks...but suffering...huhuhu

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    me too! kinda confused! ei is it true that in the states, they do not honor this IV therapy license in phil???? coz you still need to train there...

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    Hi to all RN there!:smilecoffeecup:

    would like to ask what are the requirements needed in order for me to take the NCLEX exam????? im a filipina nurse, just passed the local board exam, and now im interested to take the NCLEX exam for New York... please help me.... thanks....