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    I just got the word today at 3 pm. i checked my status with the board and they accepted my test, what a relief, i passed. i did kaplan, over 3000 questions, it is very similar to the nclex. pay close attention to all rationales, even the ones for the wrong answers when you do practice quesitons. i passed at only 75 questions, it feels good. i had 4 select all that apply, those are the hardest, and a whole bunch of priority. good luck, im sure you'll pass, nobody comes out thinking they pass, just like me, but the percentages show, you'll most likely pass.

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    I took it today too. it turned off in 75 questions. felt like it was the hardest test i ever took. my instructors say that is good. some stuff i never heard of before, or it seems like. is it possible to do 3000 questions on kaplan and graduate first in my class and fail? im so nervous, i just want the result so i can stop stressing.