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    I will be moving to Murrell's Inlet in June and have interviewed at Waccamaw. Does anyone work there that can tell me how they feel about it? Especially if they are currently working in Inpatient Rehab.


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    I have worked there when I was a student and go there as a patient, being a military wife. They have anything and every field you could think of. The floors that I worked on seem to work together and would be equiv. to any other hospital. Services are a little slow as far as a patient situation. You can work in the ER, ortho, medical floor, ob/gyn, stepdown cardiac facility. They usually ship out trauma to Cape Fear or Firsthealth in Pinehurst.

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    Hi, my name is Dawn and I work in Pinehurst as a RN but live in Fayetteville, NC. I am a military wife but my family is from the area. I don't get on the computer very often but love coming to this site and reading the posts.

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    I have been laughing at all of these and can relate. You guys did great.

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    I decided ortho/cva rehab was the place I needed to work because I do attach so easily. 100% of our patients need caring, encouragment and nursing and 98% go home and improve. However, we had one man recently come through on and off a vent for 2 months now. Every time we thought he would have a good chance he ended up back in the hospital and then rehab. We grew close to his whole family and he was the sweetest man. You could find he and his wife holding hands or kisses at any given moment. The kind of love every girl wants. It came down to hospice care and the only thing on his mind was going home. He had respiratory issues and we thought he actually wouldn't make it to discharge. However, that Saturday he woke up, put his passey muir in and was like a child at Christmas. He was going home. We loaded him up and said our sad goodbyes. I hugged his wife and asked her please to have her daughter call me day or night. Sometime I never do but this was special. The next morning at shift change (I was coming on) her daughter called. They had gone to bed that night after a wonderful day with family and he didn't wake up. He had made it home, the only place he wanted to be and died next to the love of his life. She was left behind and my heart aches for her loss but he got to go home.