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    I say you can choose day 5, 6 or 7 for 5-day ARD, combined with EOT( day 1 , 2 or 3 from last day of therapy). No SOT because it is not a short stay. No COT Observation follows because therapy had ended. You will get paid rehab RUG for days 1-4 when therapy is on, then nursing RUG for day 5 (10/15) onwards considering the patient is still skilled for IV meds and surgical wounds/post amputation.

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    I had an opposite experience. Pointclickcare sucks. It takes them a few days to respond to problems over the email and when you call them they will just say they will try to figure out and no definite answers.
    Although the company did import most of the 2.0 MDS from our previous software but there are missing data or gaps that a month of MDS are not imported. So you still have to go back and forth from the old software to pointclick.
    We experienced a lot of software issues in the first three months . Now I am still not liking it. Not user-friendly at all. But what can we, the MDS coordinators, do? we don't have a say on what software to use.
    Now I am still struggling on catching up on all the PPS MDS. We started using this software Oct 1st when 3.0 went live. So dealing with the new 3.0 and then the software had me so far behind on my work.

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    Try coding it as a 5day /SOT and EOT/DC then enter the start of therapy date and end of therapy date in section O. It will be a short stay assessment.
    What is your software? We use pointclickcare in my facility and it sucks.

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    Hey everyone. Can anyone tell me a good school with MSN program in MA, particularly in the metrowest area. Thanks in advance.

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    Hi. I need help, too. I am interested in taking an online MT course, but don't know where. There are a lot of schools online. Can anyone tell me where the best school to take one and at the same time affordable,too. Thanks everybody.

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    Hi, i am just new here. I need advice on finding an online program for Pediatric NP. I don't know where to start. But i need something that doesn't need any GRE or MAT to get in. I am a foreign nursing Graduate. help me please. Anyone?