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    You are quite right!!! Understaffing is all over LTC and it is a crime to put it mildly. The elderly do not deserve what they get in their last years on earth. I just started LTC again after 16years.. I would like to become active in changing the way the whole Institution is structured. If any one is aware of active group or groups with this goal. I would like to be a part of it. Some thing other than words on paper. If you know what I mean.
    A real seriously Active, passionate about changing LTC. Then again maybe I should start one myself,

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    Thanks for the welcome. Tweety, point well taken. I do have much courage and passion about this issue. Appreciate the response, I think nurses can change alot if they all get on the same page.

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    I am new to this site. Hello to all ! I am working currently in LTC although soooo frustrated with it. Love the elderly and think it is a crime that they are subject to this in their last days on earth!!!! I am hanging in there and hoping in my small way I might make a difference. I have been nursing 16 years and will be the first to admit, no -where is it perfect!!!
    Know of a group or groups who are currently active in changing the staffing requirements and working to improve conditions of LTC and respect for the nurses is so sad!! Let me know, please.I would really appreciate any input you have.