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    Thanks Lisa1203
    can I ask where did you look for your case?
    Do you work 8 or 12 hour shifts?
    Are any other nurses working the case with you?
    How do you get relief for time off?

    I am thinking of doing this so just have a few questions hope you don't mind. You can PM
    me if you like. I really want to know what I am getting into. Thanks

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    Hi I am a LPN and live in NY and Is VERY interested in going independent. My question is can this be done as a visiting nurse? I've done this for about 5 years with a home care agency and love doing it. Also I would welcome guidance fron you all also. I have been reading all the blogs and from that I applied for my NPI number last night and woke up to a email with my number. That was less than 24hrs. This morning I filled out for the Med. Provider # I nOw have to submit the hard copies. So things are moving pertty fast but that's a good thing. So please respond with suggestions. I am excited about moving forward. Thanks in advance.

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    Hello everyone, I am interested in this and have a question to all the veterans in the business. I have been doing Home care as a FFS nurse can you get cases as a visiting nurse too? Thanks in advance:bowingpur

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    I am looking to start a nursing from home to start also. If you have any good resources can you forward them to me . When I was reading your entry, I felt like it was something I wrote! I had to laugh. Best of luck. Let's keep in touch here and there.

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    Hi Nurses, do anyone has any leads on work at home jobs that accepts LPN's? I am interested in doing batch billing medical claims or starting a nurse recruiting agency. I have plenty of experience,(home care, assessments,research certified, drug rehab, quality management/assurance),very organized , dedicated and learn quickly. I just want to start a biz that I would enjoy at home. I would appreciate anyones advise.

    "Needs more home time with my daugther":heartbeat

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    Can someone explain to me why do long term diabetes have increased pulse rates ranging 90 - 96 regularly, and some have low bp ranging 100/60 - 110/60? I have noticed this trend in a couple of my patients over a period of time. Is this part of the disease process? Is there a site I can go to that have good Diabetic education for nurses?