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    I didn't even think about my last 20-30 questions. At that point, I was kind of guessing because I really thought I had failed and it didn't matter what I did. I am sure you are going to be fine either way. I do know how you feel and hope you find out soon. Let me know!!

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    I felt horrible. After I got home, I was sooo convinced I failed, I started doing questions again. I did them every day until I found out. I even played out in my head how I was going to tell my unit director at the hospital I had just gotten hired at as a GN. My friends all felt sorry for me, convinced I had failed as well. However, if you look at the NCLEX links on this site, you will see that more people have passed with 265 than failed. Once I found out, I cannot tell you the relief, however, I was fully prepared to do it again, no matter how painful. My questions were mostly drugs (side effects), OB and GI, which are my weakest points. It is almost as if the computer knows this. I do really hope you pass. When will you know? Let me know. Just remember, it is only a test. Not the end of the world

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    I took my NCLEX on Saturday, had all 265, and was sure that meant I failed. I got my results yesterday, and passed!!! It was excutiatingly painful waiting, and during the test, I am sure you did what I did, which was just wish the questions would stop coming. Knowing all of your friends had passed with 75, etc. Good luck!!