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    If I get "that feeling", (and if not), I am always glad to extend the care that person needs or wants. When a person expires on my shift, I am glad, because I know they got the attention they deserve.

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    Well, damn, I guess it's the basic whine, but I just got here in LTC, and I gotta say, the people they hire and, more importantly, KEEP, as CNA's is appaling. We have one lady, I mean, grown-up female, who is abusive to the residents and has kept her post for 9 years. We have another who has a tendency to lie about the care he has given when he has not done so. The words of our DON: "It's a warm body". When will the lovely aides who bust their butts get paid enough and when will the *******s get the boot?

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    I remember a "cocaine Mom" naming her child "Shitavia" after 2 weeks of intense thought. "It was the most beautiful name I could come up with" she said. I wondered what her peers would call her for short.
    Then there was "Meconium" after the doc said "Oh, we have meconium".
    Then there was "Female" (Fuh-mah-lay) when the couple saw "female" on the birth certificate and thought it was the designated name of the "witch doctor" for the child.

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    I have been out of nursing for 12 years and am now in a facility of 40 beds...geriatric, and rehab. we have 3 aides on days, 2 on eves, and 1 on nights. I work the Baylor weekends. When we have an emergency, there is usually one aide and one nurse, and the charge nurse has to handle the floor and call others in case of call-ins, mop floors in case of boiler room fiascoes, keep residents off the floor then, manage incidents, pass's a disaster. Plus I am the annoying sort that insists on ethical treatment of patients. Us "idealists" are always touted as "unrealistic", but then are sued when residents related to the "higher-ups" are "mistreated". What's the deal???? I am a crusader who insists on kind patient care, the Golden Rule, and correct procedure. Why don't these things mesh legally???