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    thanks I met with them this afternoon almost 6500. for just them and thats with a special.
    I felt pushed but i told them on the phone i just wanted info. I did not sign anything.
    I love being a nurse and I love what I do and if I am investing to further this it is on my terms not theres. Tried to tell me to fill out the paperwork and I had 3 days to back out. This is putting a finacial strain on us to do this and I will not be pressured. I am just so happy that I spent so much time reading all your posts and going into excelsior to know that they are not what I need to get the ball rolling. He kept saying that this is the fast and easy way to get your rn. EASY not! This takes alot of self disipline and focusing. From what I read it is not easy, but I am ready for the challenge!

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    Hello thanks to all your excellent posts I have decided to do this on my own. I have a co worker with the material from 2001 and I have been researching inside excelsiors website. My question is this when I go to test out of a subject I get a hold of excelsior{ prior to admission}and I can set it up with them. Ok but who do I have the college or center in which I test at have them forward my test score to does it just go to excelsior even though I am not admitted? I know this may sound dumb but I need to know. I am going to go ahead and meet with the college network today just to see what they think I need to take and I would like to look at there material just to see if there is any difference in the material I have. I also want a price quote so I can figure how much I can save by or by not going with them sounds dumb but just need to do it. You all are a god sent for being on this site and seeing how strong and confident you all are. I got one hell of an education for my LPN so this will just be more in depth. I am going to do this!umpiron:

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    Hi just curious how many from iowa have completed the lpn to rn program through excelsior online? I want to continue my education and become a rn but I have to work full time and with my family this sounds like it would work for me. I have debated if I want to burn myself out with working and trying to go back to the college where I went to for my lpn. I feel I recieved an excellent education and I have seen the books etc for the online program and feel it's pretty in depth covering alot. I plan to take the 8 week course for expanded iv for the lpn so I have that when I would go to test out of the clinical aspect of the program. Just would like some input on this from iowa nurses. Thanks

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    Hi new to this site! I get so frustrated when I get asked if I am a real nurse. It seems to be a more frequent question so your a RN? Then when you tell them what you are they act like they don't know a thing about a LPN. I do the same work as a RN but get the compensation of a LPN. I have also showed a few RN's how to do somethings like inserting a catheter replacing a gastric tube etc........ we are a very valuable asset to the nursing community I started out in a hospital and now work with snf/icf.
    I am slowly in the process of obtaining my rn. WE NEED TO HOLD ARE HEAD UP HIGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!