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    well as old as this post is I can say that Where I work doing L&D for several years now. The only person that sticks there hands in after a delivery a doctor, for so many reasons. Good luck out there

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    Well I survived my first night back to Mother baby on my way back into L&D.

    Going from LPN to RN and not working in this area for 12 years I felt like a fish out of water and lost.

    But back I go tonight in November I start back into Labor and delievery nursing so much a head.

    Lastnight I followed and tried hard to stay awake tonight I jump in and try harder to stay awake .

    My frist night I worked along side another nurse we had 3 patients and one baby. The other three babies (one set of Twins) were in NICU. The Twins were transported to Local lvl 3 nursery the other infant was in our level 2 nursery, and finally a third that was progressing well.

    I do not think I felt lost as far as my job but lost as far as their policies and procedures.

    I almost crigened when I walked into a mothers room and found the baby tucked under her arm and both sleeping. I placed the baby back in the bassenett only to be informed by her nurse that she was allowed to have the baby in bed with her if it made it easier. I guess some things have changed since I did this job years ago. But we had a baby die from sleeping in a bed with a mother soon after it was sent home.

    I will still do what I think is safe and the nurse was okay with my actions but it made me go hmmm.

    Right now brain on auto pilot so off I go.

    Talk to you all soon

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    I have worked with some great RT's and some bound with the paitents others view them as machines. They are a wounderful resource and nursing support. Every profession has different views its the retraining of trying to get ppl to understand nurses are more then bedpans and med pushers.

    You have to find where you fit

    I love nursing I love what I do good and bad. I like working with my patients and impacting their lives. I would not change that although over the years I have looked at other careers I have always been in the medical field.

    Good luck

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    I think when I start my new job tonight No matter what goes wrong I will smile. That was a very rough one.


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    Many ears ago we use to warm to tipid so that they were not to cold going in the ear causing issues or to hot and buring the ear.
    Can't really answer your quesitons only I have not warmed ear drops in a very long time.

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    All this says to me is that people are still stuck in the old role mind set that nurses,clean bed pans, give bedbaths, and pass meds with no thought to it at all. The public and the health profession need more educaiton on what nurses do and can do. This lack of understanding by even some nurses is one reason nursing is struggling to be considered a profession.

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    My Name is Joan I am 37 years old and started off in the medical career field in 1980. I worked up for a NA to the ADN RN I currently have. I was an LPN for 15 years with four years in the USAF. I have worked in OB, L&D, ER, Med surg, FP, OR, Peds, Research, Occupational health, and many other areas.

    I am currently enrolled in a BSN program with a graduation date of 2003. I Have been doing Home care for the last few years as an LPN then as an RN for the last 6 months. Next week I start back in to L&D training as a FT RN in a local Hospital.

    I still love nursing and there are so many great things out there for nurses.

    I hope that one day we as nurses change the view of eating our young and beating up new grads just because it happened to us.

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    I like the first suggestion

    I was an LPN for 15 years and I just waited to put that RN behind my name until I passed the boards. I felt so proud to offically be an RN that was my gift to myself that final RN once I was done.

    So no harm in putting your name on it now and then adding RN after graduation.

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    Congradulations and enjoy your new professional career as an RN.

    Wonderful things are ahead in those healing and comforting hands

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    Take a deep breath and don't panic.

    Giving advice on how to get ready for NCLEX is not always easy because what worked for one person might not work for another.

    What I did was sign-up for a review course and when I couldn't make the on campus course I got the books and the tapes. I played the tapes in my care working at home when ever I could. I sat with the tapes and the NCLEX book about two hours aday. They rest of the time I listened and if I heard something that stood out I made a quick note.

    Remember NCLEX is not going to give you sounds to hear but questions with information. Read the questions, read all the responses re-read the question. Then respond but try not to over asses the question.

    I am told rule of thumb is that if you take NCLEX review and get 70% or better you will do well on the NCLEX. Any area you score below 70% you need more review.

    I dont' think anyone feels ready right after school but it comes in time.

    Good luck

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    I was an LPN for 15 years finally went back and finished my ADN. Then took almost two years off before I sat my RN boards. I just needed a break. I sat my boards and passed with flying colors test shut off at 75 questions about gave my heart failure. I cried all the way home, not sure if I should be happy or scared.

    I went back to work doing home care visit for the last five months but recently decided to change jobs. I got a chance to go back to an area I worked as an LPN, L&D. Its a full training program with and then grouped with another nurse one on one for 10 weeks.

    I am scared to death, this is an area I have not worked for over 10 years and never as an RN. I keep asking myself if I will be able to stand up to what is needed of me. I will have more then one life in my hands. I have the mothers and that precious child. So one more week and I jump in feet first, I hope I find my stride again.

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    Mirco was a class I choose not to take over a summer session and I did get all my prereq done first then do my nursing classes. The best response is weigh the pro's and con's what will stress you more and what will be the best for you.

    waiting a little longer is not always a bad thing

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    Try to find a way not to stress to much. I say that now but I was there more years then I care to remember. Then went back to school and got my ADN in nursing, I stressed then a great deal. Now I am back in school for my BSN and I still stress now and then but I remember that as long as I do my best, relax and have confidence, I will be fine. I am sure you will be also. I was able to do many things as an LPN and see many sides of nursing I hope you will also.

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    I am currently and ADN RN and have gone back to school for my BSN. Currently I'm trying to find information on the following areas and I have not had much luck.

    Nursing Intervetions Classification (NIC)


    The Role of Nursing as a Change Agent.

    We are required to do papers and in class presentations on these topics. NIC is not somethine I Have used in Home care and I am having a hard time understanding it. Change Agent is also a new term to me.

    Thank you for any aid in the right direction.