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    hi !! i am just curious as to how old your credits can be from a previous cc to count?

    i have about 40 credits or more from 12-13 yrs ago.... and within the last 7 years i have about 12 credits... does it depend on the new school you are applying to or is there a standard? thank you!

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    Hello everyone. i am a 31 yr old married female.....who wants to go to nursing school.

    i do not have a degree ..just various credits from cc's in california... now living here on long island.

    i have been told by NUMEROUS doctors and nurses that i realllllly should go to school for nursing.... and that makes me feel great.... but i cant pass pre algebra if my life depended on it. i know where there is a will ther is a way... but its very daunting.

    the main q's i have for you would be...(this is geared towards a bsn program)
    one... if someone doesnt have the highest gpa due to math ... are private nursing schools less competitive than public colleges?

    also.. what schools are most flexible in classes since i do work.

    also... and the last... i know that in a perfect world its best to start having babies AFTER completion of school... but i am almost 32 with pcos and my bio clock is most likely almost of out time. do any colleges have day care for students while taking classes?

    thanks so much... i have wanted to do this and i TRYING to believe in myself like so many of my mentors do.... but its money and self confidence and math that is holding me back!!

    thanks soooo much for any thoughts!!

    ok edited to add... maybe i should just do an lpn program...has anyone heard of VEEB in uniondale?