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    Speaking of ADN or BSN do u guys feel about the LPN v. ADN/BSN route?? I have all prereqs and I am trying to decide which route to take next. I am also working as a CNA in GA. Thanks!

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    Thanks so much for the warm welcomes. Thank you for your advice on which to take also. I have ALL prereqs. out of the way because I have an Ass. degree in Pre-Nursing....(thanks God that's over) and I did very well graduating CUM LAUDE!! Woohoo!! I have a school in mind and I think I can get in with no problem. I was gonna apply to the LPN school also just in know as a backup. But yes the RN route sounds best....I guess I was just trying to get out there and get some money quick.

    Again thanks soooo much...Merry Christmas and remember the real reason for the season.

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    Hello, I am also new to the site and I am also a CNA. I am looking to enter into and LPN or RN program...I will apply to both and go to which ever accepts me.

    Do you by chance have any advice on which route is best to take???

    Thanks in advance!! : )