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    I still haven't forgotten that soap & water enema I had for my 1st delivery over 43 yrs ago. :spin: :spin: :spin:

    Quote from TazziRN
    Women in labor were shaved and given enemas, then restrained in the delivery room.

    There was no rooming in.

    Parlodel was prescribed for new moms to dry their milk.

    Dads weren't allowed in the OR during c-sections.

    Abdominal bleeding was diagnosed with a belly tap.

    Needles were recapped after use.

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    Quote from nocalmomo
    Before plastic tubing , they used red rubber tubing , for everything! .
    I remember that so well!!

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    Quote from 1Tulip
    1. You stood when the doctor came in the station/floor. (OK, I'm really not that old, but my supervisor was and she made me do it.)

    2. You carried (or rolled) the Kardex along behind the doctors when they made rounds.

    3. You had all the meds written on little cards that you put in a slot on a rolling med tray, above a cup that had all the pills in it.

    4. Narcotic lockers and keys. (Ever go home with the Narc keys in your pocket and had a sherriff's deputy come to your house to pick them up? Remember the multi-dose bottles of morphine and you kept track of the volume used by putting a strip of tape on it and marking it at each shift change?)

    5. No unit dose. Big jars of pills, from which you dispensed.

    6. Resharpening needles (no, I'm not that old, either. But we had a class that included the arcane skills in it because I went to school in the south and some grads ended up in rural areas.)

    7. How to sterilize a surgical pack in an oven. (See above class)

    8. Making up sugical packs.

    9. Mercury thermometers.

    10. Pharmacy closed on nights, supervisor carried the keys.

    11. Seconal and Nembutal. Everyone got one of those each HS.

    13. Before cimetidine was invented... 30 ml of heavy cream, 30 ml of maalox alternated every two hours.

    14. Iced saline lavages to stop GI bleeds.

    15. No IV pumps. You had it memorized: 8 hr bottle (and yes, they were bottles) = 125 ml/hr, 12 hrs = 80 ish mls/hr, 6 hr bottle = 166 ish/hr. and you knew the gtts/min because you knew the manufacturer of the gtt chamber. An Abbott chamber 8 hour bottle ran at 31 gtts/min.

    16. No hand-held calculators. I and O, med doses... everything long hand.

    17. Early volume cycle ventilators had no PEEP. You stuck the expiratory hose into a big jar of water with a ruler attached so you knew how many cm/water pressure PEEP you were creating.

    Could we go on and on or WHAT???
    What about when the head nurse was "Matron"