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    Co2emmission, you are right on. Thanks for your input.

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    To: "buggal 1989"

    Two words: No class. You are an embarassment.

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    To: Capecodmermaid & Ociusmedinfo

    Your comments make me proud!

    Fondly, "mamma"

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    To "HardwrknRN"

    "I do think it is strange that your instructor didn't let you have it once you made it back to school or in post conference."

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? That is about the strangest comment that I have read here yet!! Your mindset is very backward. If this callous mindset is widespread, no wonder the nursing profession is in the state it is in. I am soooooo glade that there are new nurses coming onboard!!

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    I read your doctor/nurse dialogue and loved it! You go girl!

    Having said that, I'll now put on my well worn professional nurses cap and address the core issue here, which is the lack of "basic respect." The nursing profession is in the state that it is in because we have allowed it. In many cases the behavior of some nurses has acutally reinforced and encouraged the disrespect. Until nurses understand that we must, at all times, conduct ourselves in a respectable and professional manner and treat each other with respect, our profession will continuted to be regarded as nothing more than hired help. There is a saying in nursing, "nurses eat their young," and I have seen it first hand. Self-righteousness and mean-spirted nurses only hurt our profession. The bullying by some doctors and management has a trickle down effect and creates an environment where some nurses, who have a need for power but feel powerless, bully laterally. I believe that as newer nurses come on board the nursing culture will become healthier.

    You are right on. The argument should not be about "picking your battles." Nurses should require that they be treated with basic respect; by doctors, by managment, and by each other.

    My very best regards to you; and welcome to nursing!