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  • Jan 23 '15

    I even poop at work! All that walking around really gets my bowels going. TMI!!

  • Jun 30 '14

    Quote from jadelpn

    We are not to sit in judgement. From patients in pain to the patient ordering the nurse around from pillow plumping to other tasks as they see fit, we are not going to get a warm and fuzzy for each and every patient. And not our place to do so.

    Objective, non-judgemental.
    The part about "the patient ordering the nurse around from pillow plumping to other tasks" is just ********. We have to manage our time, and setting limits is appropriate. And expecting to be treated as another human being whose sole purpose at work is to try to make you better deserves some *******ed respect. I do my job for everyone, and I do it well, but if I am constantly ordered around like a lap dog, the patient won't be getting any warm fuzzies from me either.

  • Jun 30 '14

    Patients with Sickle Cell disorder present with crises of their condition throughout their life time.
    Some will handle it differently than others.
    Chronic pain and .. the fear of the pain.. will bring out the best.. or the worst in these patients.
    There is NO excuse to manipulate the system.. ( that is ... calling the shots on your medical management) or to be rude to caregivers.

    My father experienced EXCRUCIATING pain from medical errors.. yet always managed a smile for any one that tried to help him. And appreciated any help that they offered.

    Not so with some other chronic pain sufferers.

    "hey.. I'm tryin' to help ya here... work with me!"

  • Jun 30 '14

    Quote from wooh
    At least it was just a blow job. And not stomal penetrating sex.

  • Jun 30 '14

    Quote from AmberHawkins
    I once had a pt that was admitted for tampering with her stoma to make it bleed and hurt so she could get pain meds (dilaudid, of course). ... Apparently she met a gentlemen out there smoking, ... she gave him a blow job.
    At least it was just a blow job. And not stomal penetrating sex.

  • Jun 30 '14

    I once had a pt that was admitted for tampering with her stoma to make it bleed and hurt so she could get pain meds (dilaudid, of course). The doctor kept trying to discharge her but something always came up... She didn't have a ride and finally she said she had no where to go, when we told her that we would call and pay for a cab but guess what? She starting messing with her aroma again to make it bleed. One Saturday night she asked to go out for a smoke (pts are allowed to do this if okayed by the MD). Apparently she met a gentlemen out there smoking, he worked for the hospital in the EVS department and should NOT have been out there where pts smoke bc employes have a designated smoking area. Anyway they went back to an office in the EVS department and she gave him a blow job. Not only was this caught on camera but another cleaning lady caught them red handed. After they were to her room I walked in bc she wanted her pain med and he was laying in the bed with her. He quickly jumped up and said he was trying to fix her remote (which isn't his job anyway). It was about 11 pm at this time and I paged the MD (as well as inform the charge nurse). The MD said she could not leave her room the rest of the night and he would deal with her in the a.m. The employee was fired on the spot after the video was watched and the MD told her to leave the hospital and never come back and to find a new doctor and hospital! That's just one of my many stories!

  • Jun 30 '14

    The worst patient I ever had was an older woman (50) having sex in a semi-private room. (with her 30 year old son.) Needless to say, everybody got called into that situation, SW, APS, nurse manager, risk management.( The roommate got moved to another room.)

  • Jun 30 '14

    I just caught my patient having sex with her boyfriend recently. The joke was on him because even though he was really disruptive and disrespectful, my patient was HIV+. She had let all of us know that she was the only one who knew about her diagnosis and we were absolutely not to discuss it in front of her boyfriend. I'm really not sure which of them I disliked the most by the end of the shift. I guess like attracts like...

    Oh, and I caught two of this same patient's visitors coming out of the family restroom across the hall together giggling and holding hands. That corner of the ICU was basically the hook-up corner all night long. Oh, and we found an empty liquor bottle hidden inside of the room closet later on. It was ridiculous.

  • Jun 30 '14

    Please, no more danggone "mandatory" inservices in the middle of the day for night nurses.

  • Jun 30 '14

    I would like to send the same letter, with a couple of additons.

    1. How can you base a portion of MY review on pt communication with doctors? I work nights, I barely have the opportunity to communicate with the docs myself, much less facilitate.


    2. How can you base a portion of MY review on how well housekeeping does there job? If I call for cleaning assistance, I MIGHT get someone to come to my unit, but it usually takes at least three phone calls.

    3. In this era of tigher budgets, how is it fiscally responsible to have 2 hour staff meetings every month when little or no new information is provided at the meetings and staff is not allowed to voice questions or concerns? (Seriously, this has to be on the order of several thousand dollars a month spent on time sitting.)

    And finally

    4. Your managers need more education.

  • Jun 30 '14

    These are awesome suggestions, and I love the comments!

    How many times did I write these lists, and just throw them away since I knew that changes would not be made. But there were a few DON's who did listen. They ROCK (hint hint, DON's, lol)

  • Jun 30 '14

    One more thing. People may visit at the nurses discretion. Disruptive visitors and those who pose a threat to the patient's health and well being will be escorted out by security Immediately. No more Jahi McManns.

  • Jun 30 '14

    I would like to add

    Less emphasis on Press Gainey scores and magnet status. Focus on measurable outcomes. Incidence of falls, CLABSIs, CAUTIs, SSIs , readmission rates, VAPS.

    A singular focus on customer satisfaction is unethical. What is best for the patient is not always what they want.

    Giving the Diabetic keto acidosis patient unlimited meals and hydromorpho en is bad practice. But they are satisfied (so was Michael Jackson)
    and keep coming back.

  • Jun 30 '14

    this is a vent. this is only a vent.

    our unit secretaries are lovely women. but so far as i've noticed, none of them (well, maybe one of them) can read or write or do "complicated math." you know, stuff like "we have 16 beds and 15 patients plus 2 in the or and three transfers out. how many beds will we have available at 7 pm?"

    if you're in an isolation room doing a sterile dressing change or trying to stem the river of poop your patient is disgorging, and someone wants to talk to you on the phone, the secretaries page overhead "ruby, you have a phone call on line 1." followed immediately by "ruby, it's line 3." (they cannot even keep straight which line your call is on, which causes a lot of hard feelings from family members who have to hold forever and then get the wrong nurse and have to hold some more.) if you don't answer your call immediately, they'll page again. it seems they cannot be separated from facebook long enough to get up, come to the door of your room and find out why you aren't answering the phone. nor will they take messages. i only recently discovered that two of the secretaries don't take messages because they cannot read or write and the other two think it's beneath them.

    i've always known our secretaries couldn't spell. you'd be surprised how many ways they can "spell" ruby. (roobee, rubbee, rubbie, rube, etc.) but it wasn't until, in a housekeeping frenzy, our manager rearranged all the forms at the secretary's desk that i realized they couldn't read. they had memorized the location of the forms they'd need and just grabbed them. it helped that so many of the forms were color coded.

    now management is requiring a literacy test before hiring unit secretaries. i think it's a marvelous idea, but you would not believe how much resistance it's getting. you would think that literacy would be a job requirement. not so much, i guess.

  • Dec 12 '13

    Quote from aklgap
    If I were to say this about a women, the comment would have been moderated...
    Not if it was TRUE!