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    Looking for my classmates before at EAC ( Emilio Aguinaldo College Taft Ave.)

    Batch '94 and '95......let's do Chit Chat here!!!

    But this thread is also for all other Graduates of EAC.....

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    i once did it...the on call for that weekend was the don....ok, i told all the nurses not to work if ever they will call them...let her work her @$$ on the floor, i didn't work that night...then the next day....i asked her if she could add one more nurse in the night shift....she just simply said "yes". :d

    you can request your don and administrator to have a tx nurse...that way your load will be lessened.


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    Saying "I Dont Care" wheewwwww! How could a Nurse say that....

    Why we're all here?

    Sounds like a very non sense question..............BUT......

    Here it goes.........
    We're all here bcoz of them, Residents/Patients as we call them...they are here bcoz they need us...the same way we need them....
    They need our CARE, our HELP and our ATTENTION....they are the very reason why we are here.......
    Remember they are the ones PAYING us.....we wouldn't be here without them....

    They are sick individuals...have different kind of NEEDS....and they may be in PAIN....a person in PAIN easily gets irritated....they may show some kind of ATTITUDE/BEHAVIOUR...we should be ready for that......
    All we need is PATIENCE, PATIENCE and more PATIENCE....

    Let's take care of them the way we take care of our own self, our loved ones... we need to have A CARING HEART!!
    They should be treated properly...the way we wanted us to be treated by others..... we should RESPECT them!!!
    If we can't do it.....we don't BELONG here.....
    This is our Job....our Career....our Profession.....we can't afford to RUIN it!!

    Let's all work together...with a Smile in our Face and Love in our Heart!!!

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    Quote from kmr2828
    I would love to see the unit manager or the DON attempt to do all I do . I know they are licensed to do it , but sure would not be done by 3pm.
    I do not beleive that any nurse who has 50 plus residents for 7-3 shift could honestly say that she is not cutting corners or taking "shortcuts" , especially if she is doing medications & all of the treatments. I really do not believe that anyone could possibly be doing everything by the (state guidelines) book ... I would have to see it to believe it !

    I had once did it...the on call for that weekend was the DON....ok, i told all the Nurses not to work if ever they will call them...let her work her @$$ on the floor, i didn't work that night...then the next day....i ask her if she could add one more Nurse in the Night shift....she just simply say "YES".

    Ask your DON and Administrator to have a Tx Nurse...that way your load will be lessened.

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    Quote from jo dirt
    it is a horrible system, the way they expect you to pull a pill passing marathon. amidst eye drops, abo's, swish and swallows (and the list goes on) they expect you to do tx's and chart the same old crap shift after shift on the same patients until you run out of ink.
    i have tried, i have really tried, and i was defeated. no matter how energetic or how good your intentions are there is just absolutely no way to get it all done. half-a$$ed is the mantra of the nursing home floor nurse. and that doesn't make them the bad people, that's just the way it is.
    i attempted to orientate a 3-11 nurse who insisted on doing it all by the book. after two weeks of staying until 2-3am and a lot of frustrated tears she quit and went back to a quiet icu.
    most nursing homes are hell and are just old people mills where they ship them in and haul them to the funeral home and ship another one in the bed before the sheets have been completely changed.
    i hope i never have to be in a nursing home. i'd shoot myself first.

    oh well...we're in the same shoes!!
    but i still love it............

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    There are too many of them....
    But never had problems with them...yes they do so many weird things, too much complains, families who can't understand the situation, who can't let go of a dying member....but it is always how you communicate with them and showing them your sincere/genuine care, then you'll get their TRUST and will not give you a hard time. They will just follow and believe what you say....

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    Quote from NewestRN_OnTheBlock
    This will be my first time working an 11-7 shift (i usually work 3-11). i know there are certain things i need to do during this shift that i need to ask about... like switching out the syringes for the gtubes, and checking the accucheck machines, etc etc etc.... my question, though, is about medications.

    if everyone has meds due at 6:30am... and many of them have blood sugar checks at 6:30am... how do you get it all done?!?! i have 60 patients tonight. i'm working on my own, have only worked with these patients once before (and it was split in half the first time around), and i'm just wondering how to make it through this shift. how early can i start giving them their meds and insulin?!?! any input would be greatly appreciated... i think i'm gonna have a breakdown from the thought of having 60 somewhat-new patients all on my own. i also know that about 20 of them require accuchecks... help please? thanks.
    You can start giving your meds at 5:30 AM, but start with those Patients you know were easy to deal with.....those Synthroid, short those scheduled to be given at 6:30AM. Get all the FS done....then if they needed insulin shot...give it at 7AM, close to having their breakfast....or you can give them something to dont know sometimes Dietary may be delayed for some reason to deliver the meal cart.

    I work 11 to 7:30AM....
    4 AM i start doing my Charting....5:30 giving meds and FS...changing feeding of those with GTs, there are some with IV antibiotics...its always not easy in the beginning....but as you work more in that shift and station...that will be easy, piece of quick but accurate!!
    Good Luck!!

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    Quote from mmulligan23
    This is really sad to say, but I made more money working at a department store make up counter. Nursing is hard work ....mentally, physically, and emotionally. Would it really be fair for them to cap the salary of nurses? I don't think so! If they did I would probably choose to stay at home and take care of my children. Nursing is a calling for me, but it needs to be worth my time away from my family...they are my priority!!!! I am not going to risk my health and sanity by working in a high risk environment for nothing!!!

    This is just my opinion.
    You're absolutely right..........Kudos to you!!!

    I was offered to be a Director of Staff Development....just couple of weeks ago, i really couldn't decide right away, since what i really love in Nursing is being with the pts face to face...i hate paperworks, office works, then i will need to work 5 days, and be on call for one weekend in a month...but i have 3 1/2 yr old son, that i wanted to enjoy...ever since i only work 8 hrs/shift, 4 nights/week, and we're fine with that financially....i have 3 days off..but still it seems like not enough time to spend with family.

    But hey if the salary will be cap to a certain amount like 40K worst if even lower.....with all those stress....oh pls....pls...its not really fair....let them be the Nurse then.........

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    way too much............
    but if you could handle all of that...then you're, i would say d' best!!!

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    You did great job accepting the mistake you've done...many of them won't accept it...specially those old Nurses...

    Oh man..........i've been seeing too many mistakes they had done but still they'll make reasoning....trying to escape from it!!!

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    we have floaters and permanent staffs.....
    those floaters mostly are our cream of the crop....

    but hey last night...this pm shift nurse a floater gave me a hard time....had heated argument with the families of one of our patient another one resident is complaining "my antibiotics was not given"....the mar is not signed.....should have been given at 9pm, 12mn when i was able to give it. one patient was so agitated...xanax was not also given, feeding machine kept beeping...the g tube was not flushed, occluded, wound vac is off, unplugged and battery was drained.................the next day all i heard about the nurse....she was waving goodbye!!

    rurnurse....we do keep a permanent nurse in its stations, we have a nurse who worked 18, 15, 10 yrs in their particular stations., which is really good...base on what you've mentioned.
    but i still would like to be rotated in all the corners of our facility.

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    got one female patient with Spinal Cord injury Young and Beautiful....poor lady...well anyways she needs to get catheterized Q4H....the F Nurse assigned to her was so busy that she ask me a favor to do it....but i heard from other Nurses that this patient was so picky and so demanding that no one would like to be assigned in that Station...
    Then i entered her room...but upon seeing me....huuuu i got surprised that she never complain at all...why a Male nurse will do the procedure....from then on...she will always ask that i be the one to do it!! But Hey.....i was so know guys what i mean.....

    When she started showing some interest in me....then i never do the cath anymore....

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    I will start working on Monday...HCR Manor Care (Sunnyvale CA) is one of the best....that's all i can say...
    The Administrator just moved to Colorado..we'll have a new Administrator and he's an Indian, we don't know it will turn out...

    I remember when i was practicing my IP...he called me up...asking how am i doing, coz he never see me at all, and he never knew that i was on a NOC shift....he's a GREAT BOSS!!

    The DON is very approachable, sweet...but should do your job well..or you'll hear from her!!

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    I will be goin' back to Nursing after 12 years.... will start working on Monday....well...i know i will have at least a Month of Orientation and Training....just so BRaVE and CONFIDENT...that i can make it....GOD is w/ me always!!

    To think of it, that i never work after i graduated t'was year '95....

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    Quote from niceguyOH
    Hey everyone,
    I was told today that I won't be able to get my quick results until tomorrow (around the same time that I finished my exam). If I failed, I will not be doing my exam on a Friday again! This has been the worst weekend of my life!!!!!!!!!! I was under the impression that I would have been able to get my results by Sunday on Pearson VUE.
    It took me more than a month before i get the result....

    There was nothing wrong w/ anyday of the it Monday or whatever....well if you have some belief then follow what it is....
    Calm down...