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    I live in AZ. It's kinda obvious though. lol I have to admit that I love AZ!

    The pay for nurses starting out in my area is only around 19.50 an hour as a fresh RN, but I live in a small town. I toss myself back and forth on moving out of town for better pay. What is hurting our area the most is a large copper mine is starting up and everyone that owns, or leases property in town has jacked up the prices to the point their choking out the college students and families. Even the contractors and miners are feeling the pinch. I've checked the cost of living in Phoenix and compared it to my area and its the same and sometimes better. My rent is 685.00 for a two bed apt. I could pay that in Phoenix in a fairly nice part of town. I have to take into account that I went right into the nursing program here though. No waiting or fighting. It almost made me kinda sad. I still feel like it wasn't that hard of an accomplishment to make. Believe me I'm thrilled about getting in just kinda bummed because I worked so hard at my GPA and they really didn't seem to even take it into account.

    AZ also has great recreation. Grand Canyon! Hiking! (watch out for mountain lions, Rattle Snakes and Scorpions) Their kinda sneaky! Lots of Lakes! Fishing! Anything and everything you could think of doing outdoors. If you move to Phoenix your just a few hours from the ski lodge in Flagstaff. Scottsdale is all art if you love that sort of thing. The Schools are awesome here if you have little ones. I'm starting to wonder if I should've been a travel/real estate agent instead of an RN! :smackingf

    Anyway you can check out these sites and get all the info!

    Arizona - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Arizona State Board of Nursing

    Reasons not to move to AZ!
    The heat could actually kill you!
    AZ has the countries largest nuclear power plant (Palo Verde)
    Anyone can carry a gun in AZ as long as your a law abiding citizen
    (cowboy up)!
    Every wild bee in AZ is a killer bee!

    On the up and up, i totally believe that some day I will have ocean front property in Arizona!

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    well... i'm not a nurse yet but i just can't wait to be finished with school and off with a new job! first things first! i have to stop reading all these great stories because block i starts on monday. i need to be reading my road trip to nursing book! i'm kinda addicted to this thread now. i'm also kinda worried if my heart can take having an experience like some of the ones described. i've had things happen to me ever since i was really small.

    i can remember all the way back when i was about 4 years old. i was setting in my grandmothers walk in closet trying on her shoes from, who knows what era, and my grandfather walked through the bedroom door and stood beside me. he looked down and said, "your granny is going to get you for playing in her shoes". i kept on playing and laughed with him about it. strange thing is, my grandfather died nearly two years before i was born in that very room i was playing in. i can remember it all really clearly, pretty weird for my age. i can even remember the shoes. they were white with the block type heel and straps that laid across the top. i described my grandfather to my mom and she said that it sounded exactly like something he would say.

    here is a link to a few things that have happened over the years that scared me terribly. don't go and get addicted to the answers thing like i did. that was a tough one to stop logging into, but i broke that habit last semester. lol

    i'm brigit in the nurse costume from halloween. lol

    after reading about 20 pages of these nursing ghost stories i remember something that frightened me to the point of tears. i was eight months pregnant and, of course, making myself a bowl of ice cream about 2 in the morning. i turned to put the box back in the fridge and was instantly scared. it was that bad feeling of when you know you shouldn't be there and you need to leave because something bad is going to happen, kinda thing. i just stopped and waited. i could feel something behind me but it was above me. i didn't move because i was scared. my legs were scared. nothing was working right. i'm in between on the knowing the "unknown". i want to know, but i'm scared also! maybe thats why i just stood still. fright or wanting to have that full experience? either way it scares me even today. anyways, while i was standing there i started to feel something hot move down my back. i could feel the heat start at the top of my head and move down the back of my neck and it just kept moving down. it was just hot on my back. i still had the freezer door open and, like a idiot, just stood there. i felt the hair on the back of my neck stand on end and i wanted to turn around but i couldn't. all of the sudden there was this rush. it was like having a blast of air or something, but there was no air. i guess the best way to explain it is when your really tired and your almost asleep and you get that falling feeling and your heart feels like its jumping out of your body and you jerk yourself back awake. after having that rush feeling almost instantly there was a feeling that whatever was behind me feel from the ceiling and then with a super loud noise hit the floor right behind me. my back was hot, there was the feeling of something behind me, the rush, and then there was the actual sound of something really heavy hitting the floor behind me. the floor was hit so hard that i remember the shaking feeling. i turned around, because really there was nowhere else to go. i did it really slow though. there was nothing at all there. my heart was pounding. funny thing is i turned back around and put the bowl of ice cream that i had just made in the freezer, because ya know... i might want to eat it later? i don't know why. lol i then grabbed my keys and left to my aunts house in my pajamas and in tears. it was really awful.

    ok this now officially me break away from this thread! lol ya right! no really it has to be! i have to much reading to do. i promise that i won't spend more than 15 minutes a day here unless its to ask some really super important nursing question from the experts!

    i can't wait to work the night shift!!!!! lotsalove!


    also, when i got up the nerve to go home that same night i still ate the ice cream!

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    I have always carried a full load at college and at home. I have two little monsters. My son is now ten and my daughter is three. I decided to start right after my daughter turned three months. It was pretty stressfully but well worth driving back and forth to the college four times a day to nurse her. I took almost a year off because I was worried that my youngest wasn't getting the attention her older brother had received. I also had to find a college that would accept me into a program ASAP. It was a nice break. My husband and I work together with my class schedule. He really gives a lot. I go to school during the day and he works at night. I take our son to school and pick him up and he watches our daughter during the day. We switch off a lot and barely see each other but its only temporary. This past semester I needed a setter for a few weeks. It cost us $40.00 for only one day a week, about 4-5 hours long. I have to admit that she was an awesome person and my daughter and son both loved going to her.

    I try to take each day as it comes and prepare the best I know how. I keep going because I am persistent and a little crazy at times.

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    I start roadtrip to nursing on the 8th and then on the 10th I am a brand new nursing student. Super Cool!

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    I was talking with one of my nursing instructors about this just a few weeks back. She also told me that the stethoscopes just walk off. I was completely surprised. I just couldn't imagine anyone taking anything from anyone in this field of work. Being trusting of others, i guess, is my weakness. Anyway I found the breast cancer stethoscope and they even offer engraving. I guess I'm going to have to attach a chain and etch my name into everything I really want to keep.

    LittmannĀ® Limited Edition Breast Cancer Awareness Stethoscope

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    90% @ my college. The test wasn't required in the past but all future, applying students are given three chances to pass. If you don't pass the first test you are required to take a med/dose class. I didn't do very well on the first test but I had never seen any dosage calculations ever. I had to take the class in a sort of 2 week crash course at the end of this past semester. The college just added it onto the courses I was already taking. I passed in with the 90% required.

    Once I start the program I have to take a calculations test every week. I figure I'm going to be a pro in the end.

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    Hi All!

    I'm new here at the site so I hope I'm where I need to be in the postings.

    I am starting an RN program in January and I was wondering if anyone would recommend buying a PDA? I have seen some of the male nursing students with them and the other students have told me that you can store the medical dictionary, calculations, and all the pharmacology stuff in there and have it all the time with easy access.

    I know they are expensive but its almost Christmas and and my parents asked me if that was what I wanted.

    So about PDA's.

    Are they convenient?
    Will it save me time?
    What kind of information/software would be best?

    Any information would greatly be appreciated!

    thank you so much!