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    Im an Army LPN student at Ft.Lewis and i graduate on June 12th. So ive done all my rotations through all the diferent floors includeing 3 weeks on peds. and all i have left is my preceptorship and the NCLEX. Im at the top of my class and got my first choice for where i want to go for my preceptorship and that is the Peds floor. Of course im totally excited about it and i loved my Peds. rotation but it was like about 6 months ago by now and with all the information ive had to cram since then i feel like im not as prepared as i want to be. I dont want to get on the floor and have my patient and their family and the nurse im with all thinking what an idiot i am when i cant answer some question or something like that. So anyways i was wondering if someone on here could give me some things i should go over before i start my preceptorship (that starts in 2 weeks) maybee someone could tell me the things that they would expect a senior student to know if they were to be the nurse that i was to be assigned to?

    basicly i just want to know what you all think is the most important things that i should go over and refresh myself on before i hit the floor so i know whats going on, i would really apreciate it alot.