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    The American Diabetes Association has some good reproducible handouts in both English and Spanish on their website. Look for the Diabetes and CVD Toolkit at

    The American Heart Association also has patient information sheets available at

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    I was in home health for many yrs, then was working from a desk for over 11 yrs (utilization review/telephonic case mgmt). When I returned to home health a few years ago, I discussed with the DON at the small agency I hired on with that I would need checked off on some procedures that I hadn't done for years. We had a nurse meet me in the home to watch me the "first" time. It was fine. It is like riding a bicycle and it does come back to you quickly. I agree that it depends on what type of home health and the size agency you are with as to what type of skills you will be using. I worked for a large city health department and another large agency many yrs ago and recall doing a fair amount of IV ATB and lots of wound care then. Now, as a visiting nurse for a small agency, I've been doing blood draws, foleys, wound care, injections (mostly s/c), med teaching, and new diabetic teaching. I also have some long-term clients that I do wkly assessments on and fill their med planners for the week. Getting your paperwork done as quickly as possible is crucial. I try to do as much as I can before I leave the home. You really have to stay on top of the paperwork. I do enjoy home visiting. I enjoy the one-on-one and being able to watch them make progress. I wish you the best and hope you enjoy it too!

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    I have been lurking for several months now, and decided it was time to learn how to post and introduce myself. I'm a home health RN. I really enjoy this site. I've learned a lot just by reading all the info shared in the posts. Thanks to all those who have already been sharing their knowledge and experiences.