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    Quote from lawrence01
    Do you mean specifically the VisaScreen Certification? You can only get a greencard via being at least an RN-BSN if from the Philippines. Only RNs and PTs are given the privilege to have a greencard via Employment-based petition because there is a shortage for those 2.

    There are no shortage for PNs.

    There are quite a few more threads re: PNs and immigration in the Phil. forum. Pls. check it out.

    Only way that a foreign PN grad to be eligible to work legally in the U.S. is if he gets a permanent residency status or greencard via another route. Definitely, not thru Employment-based as the U.S. currently do not have a shortage for PNs and therefore will not petition for foreign-educated PNs.

    to hear such worst info.. indeed, reality really do bite!:angryfire

    however, thank you sooo much for providing such infos (good or bad news);

    it is well appreciated.

    God bless to you &
    happy new year!

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    ma'am, i got a few questions regarding CGFNS by the way..

    for those states that requires, does it also apply with NCLEX-PN applicants?

    if a foreign PN graduate go to the US through a visitors visa, do he/she still need to go through CGFNS evaluation/examination?

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    Quote from suzanne4
    This is another reason that I always say " Do your homework before signign for any type of program that is being offered over there, even for the IV courses, etc. They are not accepted in the US, so save your money.
    From the Philippines, the only way to get a green card with nursing is withe the BSN, no other way.

    And if the program that you are attending does not even permit you to work in your own country with that certification, why in the world would it be good for other countries? The Philippines does not even recognize the LPN for licensure as a nurse, and for any foreign coutnry, you must have RN after your name.

    If you notice, those programs only tell you that you can qualify to write the NCLEX-PN exam, but they do not say that you can get a visa to work in the US. This is something that anyone should always check out.

    You're indeed right madam, RESEARCH really is/was the word!!!
    However, thank you so much with such informations. It was indeed a great help.

    MOre power to you and to
    God bless!

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    Quote from Silverdragon102
    There is no way to legally work as a LPN if coming from outside the US unless you have married a US citizen and have done the training. If coming from outside the US and you are looking to work in the US as a nurse and going through this route you must be a RN, no other way round it. US do a 2 year RN program and if you do this then you can go through the process but if done outside the US then it doesn't meet requirements

    Got it..
    If ever i'll go for 2-year RN program there in the US, do I need to start all over again though i'm done with PN program (here in the Philippines)? or I'll just have the LPN to RN program instead?

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    Quote from Silverdragon102
    it is not something worth looking at. As a LPN you do not meet immigration requirements and it is of no use going to the US on tourist visa and look for work. When you look at requirements of LPN that is for LPN's already in the US. If you are wanting to move to the US and work you need to do your RN training

    I've heard though, that a 2-year RN program don't qualify for/with immigration, only BSN RN's.. how true is that ma'am?

    Aside, is there anyway i can live/work as an LPN(legally) in the US via tourist visa? How?

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    Quote from Silverdragon102
    Sorry it wasn't the news you expected but better to know before you used your visa and tried to AOS. Can you not do your RN training as most foreign countries will require this if you are looking to leave the Phillipines

    AOS? ---> what do you mean with this madam?

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    Quote from Silverdragon102
    Unfortunately as a PN you do not qualify for immigration so unless coming to the US through a different route ie fiancee you will not be able to proceed with your plan to immigrate to the US. There is a thread I think in the Phillipine forum explaining this all to you. There is also a retrogression in progress and you will be affected and there is no guarantee by May that thinks will have lifted.

    here is the link

    too bad... i've heard bout such bad news though, havn't confirmed it til i heard it from you.

    Aside, THANK YOU SO MUCH.. you people indeed are big help..

    MOre Power to you & this site.

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    Hello everyone!!
    this site is indeed a big help for all of us.
    I'm jay, Im a PN/VN graduate here in the Philippines.
    Got lots of questions bout nclex-pn processing & stuff, hoping you my nursing friends could answer.

    I just finished PN/VN program this november, in one of the nursing schools here in the philippines(under Ca VN curriculum).

    I'm planning to go in the US through a visitors visa, May of next year.
    Is there anyway that i could process or take my nclex-pn there, though i'm a foreign VN graduate?

    Are there working opportunites or sponsorships ahead of me by then?

    In most of the states they require US SSN prior to nclex-pn application.
    Do i need to comply with such though i'm a foreign graduate?