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    does anyone have experience in doing physicals for insurance companies? thinking about doing them before and during my maternity leave instead of full 8 hour shifts. any suggestions on how to get started and what i'd need to take with me?...

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    totally new to this, i dont even know how to access a chat room, so this is going to be interesting. been an RN graduate for 10 years but working as an LPN. passed my boards in oct this year after taking it for the first time since graduating. now on the job hunt on maui. i'm currently working at kaiser as an lpn, well for the last 7 years. give birth to my third child in feb, so of course it puts a crimp in my job hunt, but anyway i also applied at nurse finders, i figure i can still work here and there before i go on maternity to get some RN experience down. what i am interested in is doing insurance physicals, but i dont know where to start or what to do. any advice?