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  • May 18

    My take on USA--
    The tuition is cheap and the application process is highly simplified. Most likely, there are many applicants who are not cut out for graduate study, especially online where you are expected to take the burden of learning upon yourself. I wouldn't be surprised if USA admits these lower quality applicants, takes their money, and then weeds them out. I saw this in my undergraduate program as they increased the size of the nursing class. Those who weren't cut out for it spent a lot of time complaining about the program. Actually, some of those who WERE cut out for it spent a lot of time complaining, lol. Some people just expect things to be handed to them, and are unable to adapt in the face of change. You need to be flexible to get through any kind of nursing program.

    I'm starting the CNL program at USA this summer. Ask me again next year what I think of the program, lol.

  • Jan 9

    I am almost a new grad (6 more weeks!) and I definitely find this confusing. Here is my understanding; someone please correct me if I am wrong because I have been struggling to figure it out!

    Lethargic: Sleepy, slowed thought & speech but still oriented, minimal movement, falls asleep but can be roused with light stimulation (ex. saying the patient's name or a light touch)

    Obtunded: Sleeps unless stimulated vigorously (loudly repeating name, painful stimuli), not very oriented, maybe says a word or just mumbles

    Stuporous: Doesn't wake up despite vigorous stimulation, only withdraws from pain

    Coma: No response to any stimuli, including pain

    Also, your use of the term "arousal" here is incorrect. It would make more sense to just say "the patient is awake" or "alert."