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    :smackingf :smackingf The reason for so many nurses leaving, is because it's the most! abused profession.When no one else can do it; off! course the nurse can.Actually we all ought to be complemented for being the know all;specialist, engineer,computer pgmme.human rights resourse manager.....
    Insted of the Nurse Mary or Nurse Diane; like the Dr. prefix.. We should have a Saint Nurse Mary or we are also expected to do the multi faceted tasking attached to nursing with "a tight lip and suffer all the abuse in silence" Like completing the Physicians Prescription, because the pharmacist is unable to read his writing, and get him that awful cup "coffee. do errends, like pass the forms or get the name of referring what ever... take flak from patients, and other paramedical staff.
    You know we are an absolutely talented group of people whom God has chosen. To do any type of work which the mentally and physically retarded folks of this world cannot manage to cope doing. So there you go.. consider your self privileged.. and hit back when you need to.
    Saints also do it..
    Hooo! Blast..