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    Quote from schenell1
    Good day, I am seeking some help regarding employment as a RN. I've recently graduated from the University of the Virgin Islands with my BSN. I am currently living in the Virgin Islands however, I plan to relocate to NYC to seek employment after I take, and hopefully pass, my NCLEX in August. I am asking for any suggestions regarding hospitals in NYC at which I should consider for employment. I will like to pursue a career in midwifery however, I need to acquire some experience from the medical-surgical floor before I do so. I have no working experience; therefore, information regarding whether any hospitals suggested accept new graduates without experience will be greatly appreciated. Can you please help me.


    Schenell Weekes
    you can try applying at new york methodist hospital in brooklyn, ny. They are always hiring. Its a private hospital and the pay is usually more than other hospitals even residents get better pay than other parts of the city and country. But there are plenty hopitals although the ones that are there have been two hospitals that were private which has been shut down last year for lack of funding so you never know.

    I dont think its going to be easy to find a job because i had a friend who had just graduated out of an associated program in one of brooklyn's local community collges and she had a hard time finding a position. The plus is that she did find a job after a couple of months so keep sending your apps/resume..
    Good luck hunting!!!

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    Quote from kchez12

    She did not get housing and that caused some problems. If you need housing I would send the $100 deposit in today to get on the list. She is currently #34 on the waiting list. She is living in a guest house about 3 miles from campus. If you would like more info on that let me know.
    Her first few days have been OK, I think once she make some friends it will be better for her.

    Thanks I would appreciate it. Because she didnt get housing, how were you able to allocate a place for her to live. I had also read somewhere that because the school was short on housing they made a deal with a hotel that allowed students to live there for a little over what dorm room student are paying. Do you know how true that is or is that how your daughter got housing?

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    Quote from Camille1660
    Hi I have decided to go down there in January for the Spring 2010. Is that when you were planning on going? Maybe we can talk a little about thoughts about moving there and the school?
    Camille I wish you the best I hope everything works out for you. I am going to think about it for a few more days. Ys I am supposed to be attending for the Spring of 2010. I think I will send in the deposits for both admission and for the dorm room because I want to secure my seat and housing. If things dont work out for me they can just postpone my enrollment. But I really really want to go.

    Which state will you be coming from?

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    Quote from kchez12
    My daughter is there right now and starts classes on Monday. If you have any questions maybe I can help.
    I got accepted into the nursing for this upcoming spring semester and i am trying to soak up as much info about the uvi nursing before i actually make the move.

    Was your daughter able to get the dorm room? How is her first few days? Because Im looking to dorm and have heard so many different things so thats why im wondering

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    I have also been accepted to the nursing program over there and Im really nervous but hopefully all goes well