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    Have been an L&DPP nurse for 20 years. Became a nurse just to work in OB. I love it, would do it for free, but I am finding the ratios are becoming more and more difficult. We have a new Unit Mgr who contends that 5 mom babies are manageable on pp. I don't know about other RNs but when working L&D side of combined floor 2 laboring moms in early labor (including admission) can be done. But the reality of handing off one of those pts when the other becomes active or gets epidural... to whom? Another nurse w/ 2 moms? This happens all the time, every day on our unit. When mom delivers, there is now another pt--baby. After retreiving early labor pt the nurse now has 3 pts. for the next couple hours and Charge Nurse is not far behind asking when I can take a new pt.
    Does anyone know where I can find ACOG standards w/o buying them? C'mon, can't ask new Unit Mgr. Any feedback?? Am I getting too old??

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    I have found that pp shaking can be relieved by firmly holding large muscle groups, ie calves, thighs, upper arms. Don't know why, but it works. Usually I enlist help of Dad or visitor. I find they are happy to do something to help.