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    Flightnurse,I crochet darling little baby girl dress, booties and hats, so if you have a girl, let me know. I love crocheting, keeps my arthritic fingers nimble. Congrats!

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    I love vintage linens , especially kitchen linens. I crochet, love yarn anybody have yarn they don't want? My Facebook page has some of my "treasures" pictured.

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    All this strife and rifts in American politics is getting so extreme, I think many people are pulling back from it out of disgust. Sometimes it's just too much.

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    Steph, and my head is darn hard.

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    OK, I guess I will jump in here too. CardiacRN and I have had our differences, but I know that she will make some very very lucky child a GREAT Mother. Best of luck to you Cardiac! Steph and I bumped heads a few times too,but I know she is sincere in everything she says. I am not here that often anymore, but all you guys and gals have been great and have given me many hours of the pleasure of engaging in intellectual and stimulating debate and conversation.

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    Sorry , sort of long cut and paste, but this guy really hits the nail on the head about the Titans of Glib and Greed.

    Republicans Must Lose the Titans of Glib and Greed: Limbaugh, Drudge, Coulter

    The country, if you haven't noticed, is in a bit of a crisis. Even those of us who supported Audacity last fall have to wonder, from time to time, if he's up to the challenge of dealing with so many serious problems, so soon, so fast.

    It would be nice to have some GOP grown-ups pitching in for the old US of A. Let me ask, one American to another: Hey Republicans! You got any good ideas to add to the debate?

    Other than "No." Or "I hope he fails."

    Are you really content to have such relentlessly negative voices as Rush Limbaugh and Matt Drudge and Ann Coulter represent you in the national debate? They who have two proven attributes in life: Greed and Glib.

    How long are you going to force a bright young kid like Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal to spout dogmatic gibberish about creationism, the evils of government and Katrina? Are you happy seeing your newly elected party chairman on his knees before the shabby likes of Limbaugh?

    Foreign policy is a different story. Bob Gates agreed to stay on and help the national interest in Iraq. John McCain gave an impressive speech on Afghanistan last week, and Dick Lugar made the courageous suggestion that we might just want to ease our harsh foreign policy toward Cuba, seeing as how the Cold War's been over for 20 years now.

    But when it comes to the economy: Nada.

    Obama needs your help, folks. Heck, all of us need your help. Can we forget about the base, for just six months or so, and think about the country?

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    Marla, I understand where you are now in regard to your health and weight issues and trying to guard your joints. My battle with the joints was lost and am now on SSDI. I feel for you who are out there still with mortgages and car payments. I guess my "depression" already hit when I could no longer work and lost all my savings. Now I just hope that my SSDI payments continue to show up in my account every month.

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    I find that site to be so disturbing, and if true that this is only the tip of the iceberg, whoa. Seems like all this kind of stuff and the seditionist and revolutionary types are just getting crazed, well more than usual.

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    I find it incredibly disturbing that within only one month of President Obama's administration, the right wing is ready to revolt. Is this is all fueled by Rush Limbaugh and his cohorts? I cannot believe that he will be the main speaker at Cpac tommorow. I cant figure out if Limbaugh is just spewing what neocons want to hear or if he tells them what to think. I have practically heard some neocons calling for revolution, or seccesion. The whole feeling is just darn scary.

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    Earlier today in his speech at Camp Lejeune, President Obama did mention including Congress in war decisions and also promised to not get into wars unnecessarily. He also said that they will be coming out with a war strategy for Afghanistan, I hope this includes an EXIT strategy,within a year or two at the MOST. I would like us to just leave them all to their own devices.

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    HM2VikingRN, BBFRN, herring_RN, and 2 others like this. LeJeune Marine Indicted For Threatening President Obama

    United States Attorney George E.B. Holding announced that on February 25, 2009, a Federal Grand Jury returned a single count indictment charging Kody Ray Brittingham, 20, of Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, with threatening the President-Elect of the United States, in violation of Title 18, United States Code, Section 871, which has a maximum penalty of 5 years imprisonment followed by up to three years of supervised release and a fine of up to $250,000.
    I found this to be especially disturbing, I belong to a Navy For Moms forum, it is has sub forums and groups sort of like here , we Liberal Moms formed a Democratic/Liberal Group. You cannot imagine the outright hate filled comments we have been subjected to by fellow Navy mothers of the Conservative bent. We and our sons and daughters who are serving in the Navy have had our patriotism questioned many times.

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    This is an outrage. I first heard about this Bush ruling tonight on Olberman.

    New Rule Enacted by Bush Administration Impedes Cases Against Nursing Homes

    By Cindy Skrzycki
    Tuesday, February 24, 2009

    The Bush administration shut off a source of information last fall about abuse and neglect in long-term care facilities that people suing nursing homes consider crucial to their cases.

    The change, which affects the $144 billion nursing-home industry, was enacted with no public notice or attention.

    "This is pretty stunning," said Mark Kosieradzki, a plaintiff attorney in Plymouth, Minn. "Nobody was told. It was just done."

    The rule designates state inspectors and Medicare and Medicaid contractors as federal employees, a group usually shielded from providing evidence for either side in private litigation.

    Requests for these employees to participate in private cases "divert employees from their federal survey, certification and enforcement responsibilities," the Bush administration said in a supporting document. "The cumulative effect of these requests can impede these activities."

    The effect of the directives has started to play out in the nation's courtrooms. Requests for information, once fairly routine, now are stalled between state and federal officials.

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    Pic from my daughters Corps School graduation Feb 20th, 2009 with Valedictorian of her class. She will be taking her HM1 exam in March. Hope she gets the promo.

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    Marla, my daughter and been in the Navy 6 plus years, never deployed. Every few weeks there are what is called "taskers' in the Hospital Corpsman School among the Instructors. It a quest for volunteers to go "IA" ( Individual Augmentees) as medics,if there are not enough volunteers they are told they will be "voluntold". Hospial Corpsman that go with the Marines and even the Army go as their medics, into Iraq or Afghanistan usually. Lately there has been a huge push to deploy to Afghanistan, I am sure this is part of the 17, 000 that President Obama has OK'd to be deployed to Afghanistan. My daughter realizes she is living on borrowed time, she will most likely be deployed during one of the upcoming "taskers".

    These troops have had repeat deployments, its very hard on them and their families. I am glad President Obama has decided to increase the size of the military and give them pay raises. It is sorely needed. Also I am glad he will be caring for the Veterans better than Bush did.

    I feel that they need to have a well designed exit strategy from Afghanistan, I think we have done what we can in Iraq and maybe we can do a bit more in Afghanistan, but there will come a day we will HAVE to leave these places and when we are gone, they will be left to their own devices. I just hope and pray we are not wasting time , money and lives there unnecessarily.

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    Not surprising, but it wont work this time, there has been a shift. Americans have moved to center left, of course there are still some stragglers.