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  • Jun 10

    Homeschool Mom , I went to LPN school 30 years ago run by nuns, VERY MEAN,to the point of screaming at the students. Just give your daughters alot of comfort when they come home. We, as mothers try to make everything OK for our kids, sometimes when they leave the nest to go out in to the world, it is shocking to see the reality. Especially in nursing, as stated above, nursing is a TOUGH profession, nurses are the brunt of alot of frustrated people, family, doctors, administration,the BON, even each other, THEN a nurse needs to learn to cope with the equally TOUGH working conditions, short staffing, overwork, the risk of making an honest error and being either sued personally OR worse, being prosecuted by the Dept.of Justice. I am not saying your daughters cant prevail and be GREAT nurses one day, but this is the way things have been and continue to be. Tell your daughters that this too shall pass and give them alot of hugs and kisses. My own daughter is an RN in the Navy and whew, talk about TOUGH!

  • Jul 30 '17

    Quote from methylene
    I believe in the power of the human brain's ability to placate the dying patient by releasing a rush of neurotransmitters and endorphins as it dies, resulting in powerful and occasionally disturbing auditory and visual hallucinations in their last moments.

    These such hallucinations and emotions along with the patient's and families expectations of creed-dependent afterlives often bring comfort and joy to all involved, and should not be discounted or denied.

    But that doesn't mean I have to believe they are supernatural in origin.
    How do you explain the near death experiencer's accounts of what they SAW while clinically dead?Some actually reported accurately what was on top of cupboards and other things that they couldnt possibly have seen with their eyes while being resusitated. I guess we all can believe what we choose to, but there is SO much evidence , have you gone to the IANDS site and read some of these accounts?