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    Young person here....... My mom is a nurse. she is a young baby boomer.....
    She is neither timid or aggressive.... Smart at least I think she is... But ruffle her feathers by being mean,,,she'll not stand for it.... Be neglectful,,she'd probably eat you alive.

    She tells me that allot of young people are seemingly aggressive in their method of nursing but often don't think through very well. She has encouraged me to be kind, thought provoking and mindful of what is being said.

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    Quote from danfif
    Less manly?

    Let me show them the Peri/Rectal/Scrotal abcess that one of my male patients had I&D'd yesterday, and we will see who is "Less Manly"! It would have the most manly man runnin for the hills! Only a Super Man can become a nurse!

    Can you say OUCH!

    I agree, my dad well he thinks a pressure washer is the way he would clean patients. My guy friends, none of them are in nursing.