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    I don't want to seem mean or insensitive but, the op has two children already. If she was trying to have her first child then I would understand or "feel" for her dilemma.

    Nursing school is tough by itself. Adding baby to the "mix" is like making life in nursing school harder than it has to be. Your nursing program is less than 2 years long. Get your degree first and then have your third baby after graduation.

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    I am currently in college earning a bachelor degree in clinical laboratory science. It will take me a total of 3 years to earn it but, I am burn-out from nursing after just 3 years of working as a nurse. I rather work in non-patient contact area in the health field.

    I feel it is ok to have to go back to school to learn a new trade/profession just to get out of nursing and still make a good living. The money we make as nurses is not worth all the stresses we have to deal with in nursing and bad health outcomes that we suffer from due to that stress.


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    At first, I thought I wanted to get my BSN later. However, in the two years I have been in nursing (ADN), I have not been completely happy doing nursing. So I have plans to get my Bachelors in Clinical Laboratory Science instead.

    Before, I went to nursing school, I worked as a lab assistant, loved it and miss doing the work and the lab environment.

    Some people may think that I am crazy to want to work in the lab because they make less money than nurses but the stress level in the lab is alot lower than working as a nurse. The pay of bachelors degree clinical laboratory scientist is near the same is new grad RNs at the begining.

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    I am a nurse who is considering leaving nursing or at least learning another profession.

    To the opening post: If you find something that you truly think you like to do, don't let taking extra classes get in the way of that.

    I plan on becoming a clinical laboratory scientist (medical technologist) and it will take me about three years to get a degree in this.

    I rather go back to school to learn something that I think I am going to like to do then to stay in nursing and be unhappy and stressed.