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    Wow, what a discussion! How much of this would matter if people weren't so worried about living forever? I accept the fact that sooner or later I am going to die. As a result of modern medicine and continuing research it's going to be at an older age than that of my ancestors. And, by the way, let's not forget to include alcoholics and drug addicts who go for treatment and then return to their addictions. Why don't we regulate a "three strikes ,you're out" health law. Insurers would love it cause then they could hold on to all that money we pay when we gamble with them over our health and death. They get to opt out on pre-existing illnesses and maximum output caps for illnesses. Then the taxpayers get stuck for the bills of the poor and uncooperative. There seem to be flaws in the total picture of the why's and wherefore's. In our "free society" I don't feel so free and can only truly control one thing--- ME and my life choices. Let's set up health sanitariums in the desert and send the smokers and obese there to recoup their thought processing. Whatever you can grow, you can eat, drink or smoke. YOUR CHOICE!!

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    while it would sometimes be fruitful to be that tough the problem is with legal aspects and inpatient status. We are not allowed to let someone go without being looked in on. The point of contracting up front is that they promise to not self harm and if they do the unit can dismiss them to a more intenive treatment regime like one of the state hospitals, who have the legal authority to medicate for safety without the patient's agreement

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    Topaz, I am interested in finding the article you mentioned about narcan and self mutilators. Can you give me the reference source. We have a difficult case cutting fingers off joint by joint. Looking for ideas. Anyone else welcome to comment. Thanks ->