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    I did not say thet a RN was better than a LPN/LVN. Experience is the best teacher. Believe me, I would rather have an experienced LPN/LVN as a team member than a novice RN. It is our job, RN or LPN/LVN to assist the newbies to learn as experiences involving patients occur so that they will gain experience and that they will become competent to care for those when they next encounter the same scenario. My point was that the boards taken are to license one as a RN or LPN/LVN and that both ADN and BSN prepared RNs take the same boards regardless of their education background. I've had this same argument in the presence of administration personnel during union negotiations and made it perfectly clear that I have much respect for experienced LPNs, whom I have learned from in my 20 years of practice. Again a PROFESSIONAL NURSE is one who provides quality care to her patients regardless of education level or title behind her name.

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    It really makes no difference whether ADN or BSN for bedside nursing duties as both have to pass the same state boards to practice at all. BSN does allow some benefits, more readily given management positions regardless of experience, which is, the best teacher. LPN/LVN take a totally different state board exam and therefore cannot practice as a RN. Whether RN or LPN/LVN, both are essential to the healthcare team and have made a difference in many lives. Be thankful that we have people who care enough for others to obtain education to provide for needs, physical and emotional
    both. A PROFESSIONAL NURSE provides quality care for her patient no matter her degree or license title!!!