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    you need to report this incident to your nursing school instructor as soon as possible. Its not the end of the world. Accidents happen. You need to consider your safety when dealing with this.

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    Hi people. I have been looking over the topics in the forums for a while now and figured it only fair to introduce myself to the world. I am an LVN recently celebrating his 1 year anniversery from graduating nursing school. go me. I did my time in med-surg, as I reccommend everyone just getting out of school does, and now I work as a psych nurse. again, go me. I'm still not finished though. Have to get the BSN-MSN-CRNA. yeah, I got a ways to go, but it doesn't get me down. I know through my experiences in school and in the workforce that I can handle whatever they throw at me. prepare the gauntlet. lol.