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    I have to say, I have been getting a flu shot since nursing school in 1985. I never had a problem other than a sore arm for a day or 2. That is until about 6 years ago, then I started to get the aches that you would get with the flu. OK I can buy that I was probably already exposed before I got the shot. Each of these last 6 years, those aches have increased so that last year, I called out sick for 2 days. I wish that is all I had to do this year. I got the shot at the beginning of October, by that afternoon feeling the aches and pains. The next morning, all I had to complain about was a sore arm. By 10am I started feeling a really sharp pain down my back, aches and headache. By the next day, I thought an elephant was stepping on my back and shoulder. The day after that, that elephant was joined by a cobra that was squeezing my ribcage. I was short of breath and had to lean almost 45 degrees forward to be able to get any breaths in. Urgent care sent me to the ER for possible stroke/heart problems...everything was fine there. The ER thought is was a response to the flu shot, gave me perocet and sent me home. That monday, I still was having difficulty breathing, no longer able to tolerate the smell of food, let alone eat. Went to my primary MD, said it definitly was a rxn to the flu shot (not sure if it was the "dead" virus or what it is mixed in or what), I do have a latex allery... Anyway received new pain meds, steriods and couple of other meds. The end of that week, I was back in the ER, still hurting and short of breath but not leaning over and able to eat somethings....Got different steroids, antibiotics, new pain meds, more blood much fun..... I was out of work for just under 3 weeks, spent at least $500 in MD,ER and meds. The first week back, I could only work half a day before people told me they were afraid I was going to pass out. It took another 2 weeks to stop feeling the pain from my arm, down my back. I started to get my engery back. I had a little set back when I had to renew my CPR. The pain came back for 2 days. I am still easily tired even now and when I do too much, my back does still hurt. So all MD's that I saw....primary and ER felt it was response to the flu shot and the responses that I had over the last few years was my tolerance getting lowered from it. It is now on my list of allergies and I will NOT ever get another flu shot. My daughter had gotten the aches last year from hers, I would not let her get one this year or again. My husband has never had a flu shot and has only been sick once with the flu in the 25years that I have known him. I am still for people getting the shot when they are elderly or sick or young and I will not discourage anyone from getting one but I will not encourage someone to go out and get one. I don't know, over 3 weeks of PTO lost, $500 out of pocket and that pain....I will take the itsy bitsy flu when I get it........