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    hey everybody!!!!!! i actually came across this site while i was searching for information about nursing and schools. i am very interested in this as a career. so, i figured, what the heck? ill register myself on this site. i could use all the information that i could!!!!! i am from northern new jersey. i made the decision to get into the medical field. i did go to a technical school and graduated for medical assistant,recieved my certification from NHA and i can not find a job anywhere!! i am not going to mention what school i attended. i thought by doing all of that would at least get my foot in the door while i figure out what my next move is, but its very unfortunate that i probably will have to look elsewhere for a job. so, if anyone can give me some advise or information on where to go to school just please let me know. just wanted to say whats up and welcome myself to this site.