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    when im in college i had a former classmate who got pregnant and eventually when she delivered her baby we found out that she got 2 vaginal canal which are tight, not enought for the baby to pass by,, so the option is to do cs...

    how fortunate was the guy with her... ehehe

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    do BSN curriculum be recognized when i take RT course?
    how many semester do we need to pursue respi therapy course?

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    It would be really interesting to hear a Filipino nurses point of view on this one. I know they work really hard, and are understaffed.

    So would it be because they train lots of nurses, but only hire a small amount due to financial reasons?

    What is the role of the student in the hospitals there? There must be alot for an article like that to be written. Does this mean that the hospitals are taking advantage of them while they are doing their training?

    Doesn't really seem fair; to do a degree for up to five years, and then not be able to work...

    funny but true, newly registered nurses here are struggling to land on a nursing job, its very sad that after all the suffering and sacrifices during college years, giving all your effort to meet the expensive tuition fees of nursing schools, reviewing for the nurse licensure examination, after passing the board exams, english proficiency exams, staying late at night doing nursing staff, forgetting your social life, not having that much time to meet new friends just to finish your nursing degree, then you'll still be ending up facing another sacrifices.
    99.9% of hospitals here were running with volunteer nurses, they hire them for free, no allowances nor compensation at all, and also most of the government and private hospitals hires applicants because they know someone in that hospital (the backer system) and some hospital were collecting 250 US dollars from volunteer nurse applicants for them to be hired and work as a volunteer nurse for three months. Really shocking but true. The situation of nurse's here was seriously turned up side down.

    Then if your lucky enough after a year of being volunteer in a hospital (maybe average time before nurse's were hired as staff/regular nurse or payed nurse) compensation of around 195 - 200 US dollars a month (minimum). With this, some nurses( some because there are lot of newly RN were not yet landed on any job and still hoping that something will happen) are looking forward to land on call center, casino jobs, office work and many other underemployment job category (job which are less than the quality of your degree). adn also looking for an occupational/company nurse work is as hard as finding a hospital job, 1423 nurses applied for 3 vacant nurse positions isn't it hard to land on a nursing job?

    If i could just turn back the time when i was in college and knew that this will be the future life of a nursing graduate, but i cannot blame my self of taking this course, because as i start caring, learning to handle patients and doing all the nursing stuff i was mesmerized with
    the total package of being a nurse. I learned to be passionate. the self fulfillment in everyday duty that this career has been offering since the day i started to care people, being an instrument of their wellness is a very rewarding feeling.

    Nursing Life... where are you?.....
    i miss being a college student where i am able to do all these nursing stuff...
    hope to find you soon.....

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    hey! anyone who knows the holly house hospital?

    i was qualified as newly appointed staff nurse.
    [color=olive]any comment from the hospital?

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    my first choice in college is nursing, and now im a registered nurse. and planning to marry a us citizen nurse also to make money and live happily ever after...
    any girls out there?

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    hey guys, can anyone introduce me with your nurse friend?...

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    you can still do it.. my classmate started nursing school at 40, but she still continue until became an RN now..
    you can do it also...

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    just enjoy the things you do... do not be pressured by anything or anybody..

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    hahaha..funny but true...

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    yeah,, just be your self... go with the sponteinity of the things in your mind.. and ask your co-worker to comment about you idea..anything that comes into your mind.. just stay in the track.. if they talk about love, then tell your experience, anything that you know about love. socializing is just sharing lives.. share your self by communicating with other people so that they can understand you whenever you are in silent of when you are happy....thats life... life goes on..hehehe

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    i became a nurse... i fainted also on my first time encounter with an episiorrhaphy, blood is oozing... and right after the baby was delivered i fainted and assisted by my friend...but that just happened once. on the second time i did it with out being fainted and until now, i can do any bloody cuts i am encountering in everyday life....
    its all in the mind.. you can do it too....

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    every nurses feels that way too. but nursing is a continous learning, so you should update your self every now and then...

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    be patient... great things are just about to pour on our way...
    stay positive....Godbless us

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    yes...fastfood chains prepares with additional food than usual...thats why in a study, they have discovered people who eat more often in fastfood chains have a higher rate of CV addition, another study shows.. that drinking from dark straw (the darker the worst) killing of neurons(brain cells) thus slowing the mental ability of the person...

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    oww... this is so inverted in our case, nurses in hospital can only have Php8000 a month, while nursing professor can recieve form Php 25,000 to 45,000 in a month.....