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    Quote from suzanne4
    first of all: welcome to

    now to get started on helping you along, what did you do to prepare for the exams in the past? how far apart did you wait for taking the exam again?
    i also failed 3 times... and i am about to take my nclex again... where do i find your plan everyone is talking about???

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    I am taking the NCLEX soon not for the first time... anyways, I can't find what everyone is talking about Suzanne's study plan... can anyone hlpe me know what that is???

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    I graduated a year ago last June. I ahve taken the boards 3 times.. and I have a scheduled date. But I am having a hard time studying.. I can't get myself to do it again.. what is Suzane's study schedule everyone is talking about... I do have high anxiety... but most of all I know I will fail again.. then what another career, but I really want to be a nurse... I feel so guilty doing anything, because I know I should be studying... any ideas???

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    I know how you feel. I want RN behind my name so bad! I took the boards 3 times and failed... I am so burned out of studying I don't even want to pick up another book. I am in Oregon and you can take the boards every 46 days for 3 years... so am guess I will try again... but I sure am scared to sit for it again.. I hate to fail... I came this far.. all my friends are passing first time and they are all working... I was a patient care assistant for about 4 months.. it sucked because I went to school to be a nurse and I couldn't even work as one. I ended up taking my LPN and I passed that.. but I so desperetly want the RN... hang in there. I am feeling so depressed but you have to think, it is not the end of the world, and no one died... we can do this!