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    Bigerk60, what criteria did you use while choosing an univirsity?
    I recently started seriously thinking about Psych NP program. However, I am turn appart which school to apply.

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    JECKRN! Thank you for information!

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    Quote from oaktown2
    It is interesting that the cutoff does seem to change. Previously I had always heard 47, now 46, the link OHSUBSN05 posted says 48 (though it does add that it varies on the field). But what everyone does seem to agree on is that it is extremely competitive. I would just find a recruiter who is willing to work with you and get things going asap and hope for the best. That said, I have read stories of people who have made it all the way to the selection boards only to be told that they are too old.
    Yes, it is very interesting how information is different from recruiter to recruiter. I always though the AF rules are universal for any geographic location.
    Anyway, I will be meeting with Denver recruiter in August, let you all know. If it will not work, there are always different options as reserve, guard, or even working for AF as civilian.

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    Quote from oahufish
    .... I am turning 43 this week and considering joining AF as well, ...... Any idea if I would need a waiver since I would be able to complete 20 years well before I reach age 62? Aloha
    I only can repeat what nursing recruiter in Denver area said. He was very straight forward: no waivers will be offered for folks over age of 42. He said, AF has plenty of people as of right now.

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    An air force nursing recruiter called me today. He said, now the cut off age is 42! It means before I turn 42 I have to be enrolled into active duty. At this time AF does not offer any kind of wavers for the age over 42 as they have plenty of younger nurses. Also, even before age of 42 y.o. there will be a competition among applicants, and the chances are the younger nurses will be selected.
    I am going to have a meeting with him in person in August. Will see what happen. Although it does not sound too good right now.

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    Quote from midinphx
    ..... The rules are different for RN's than other areas. ...... Problem is the competition for few slots is fierce.
    Can you tell me more about your two statements, please?

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    Quote from OHSUBSN05
    Hi, look here

    It says up to 48 but my recruiter told me 47.
    Thank you, OHSUBSN05, for reply! Yes, I see the age limit of 48. I just do not understand: when I was filling out their form "Join us" on the same website (with relation to medical professionals) I got automatic reply "Sorry...bla-bla-bla... but you are too old". I guess, I just need keep trying to contact recruiter.

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    Quote from OHSUBSN05
    .... talked to the Air Force recruiter today and she told me 47. I have plenty of time. LOL. ......
    I tried to contact recruiter in my area... No luck! I just leave messages.

    About age limit. I looked online and I found this:

    "What is the cut-off age for joining the Air Force?

    Non-prior service applicants must be in Basic Military Training before their 28th birthday. Officer Training School applicants must be commissioned prior to their 35th birthday. Physician, Nurse and Allied Health applicants must be in Commissioned Officer Training before their 40th birthday. Prior service applicant age limitations may differ from what is stated above. Prior service applicants should contact their local recruiter for age cut-offs."

    It made me upset, as I just turned 41. Am I really too old?!