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    Dear Suzanne:
    THank you in advance for your answer to my question. I am a CGFNS certificate holder, I passed both CGFNS and TOEFL test 4 years ago. Now I want to apply for the visa screen certificate, do I need to take both tests or only the english test ( I was thinking to take the IELTS) to obtain the VSC? Also, for the VSC Do I need to make my school to send the transcripts again , or only need to fill the application for VSC?
    Thank you

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    Thank you for your responses and interest in this matter. Well I haven't read the Premier, because I can't localize it... I'm interested in working in Michigan, (I have the letter of elegibility from that state) but if another employer from another state is willing to sponsor me, it is welcome. Please help me, how can I proceed?

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    I don't think the primer will help. The OP said they have already passed all requirements and just needs an employer, from what I read. Is that correct? Where do you want to work?

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    hello starbin:
    i am interested in taking the ielts, i have passed the paper based toefl test but still it is required that i pass the speaking section. so as you know the toefl has changed (now is the new toefl ibt) and i think that the ielts is easier to pass than the toefl ibt, what do you think about this?.
    an also,please recommend some books to prepare for this test (the name and the edition please). thank you in advance for your responses

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    there are varieties of accents, not only british..but australian and american also...listening was not that difficult. it was very clear,they paly an audio for the whole room. but fortunately the room was small and we were only 10-12 examinee, so it was very clear. i am not kidding but i was expecting to score 9 out of 9 in listening. the result was 8.
    reading needs some practice to read fast, and have plenty can prepare very well. just e-mail me whenever you need the writing stuff.

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    Hi, I am a peruvian nurse like you, and also I'm trying this process of getting the green card. Now I am a CGFNS certificate holder, but still I need to pass the IELTS to have the Visa screen. But I would like to know more about you, did you get your green card, did you get the sponsor? Please your answers are important for me. You know, we are from the same country and it would be a pleasure to share experiences about this process... BYE

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    Thanks for your answers, i will considere your advises, and i am sure i will have more questios for you soon. Best regards. N.

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    Hi, I am a foreign nurse who is interested in working in the USA, I know this is a difficult process because of the exams. Despite this I am passing those, and now I would like to know which recruitment agency is the best to work with them and the fastest as well, in getting your objective of working as an RN. I hope that some of you could help me with this question. thank you