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    Hi, yes they did fire the LPNs. Right now there are mixed feelings towards travelers because many worked during the strike. If you did come and people know you've just arrived I'm sure you would be treated well. Some departments are under a lot of stress. In L&D the travellers(worked during strike) are guaranteed 48 hours / week so some of the L&D nurses are displaced and working Med Surg. ICU has a lot of travellers. I don't work Med Surg, I've been told at night it is 7 patients to one RN. I think we have traditionally been a traveller friendly hospital. I also think to inmprove morale it would be best to get new travellers in. A traveller who works during a strike is still a scab in my opinion. Aloha

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    We're back to work!

    "Nurses accepted the latest contract offer from Wilcox Memorial Hospital, ending a 126-day strike with a decisive vote that will have union members back at work as early as next Saturday, officials announced yesterday.

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    The Kauai strike is still going on, they are now posting for 26 week assignments to replace the striking nurses. Please don't come to Kauai yet. There will undoubtedly be positions when the strike settles since so many excellent nurses have moved on or will. Check for updates. Aloha

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    Hi thanks for asking about conditions before coming, I'm one of the RNs on strike(106 days now) The LPNs have been terminated So they have gone to other facilities. This would not be the best time to look for a job. There are LPN jobs in Long term care and home care. Good luck!