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    I'm from Ocean County, but I'm living in Monmouth County.

    How is the school going so far? I requested info from Pinelands but kind of expensive??

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    Which campus in Middlesex?

    Thank you and also good luck to you?

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    No I haven't found a school yet, Really leaning towards Monmouth Voc.

    How do you like Middlesex Voc?

    How do you like the nursing course overall?

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    Thank you Happy2beICU-RN... Hearing other peoples story and I am a single mother also, does help and motivate me more.

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    Hi [COLOR=#003366]samantha198823 ,

    I am thinking of going to nursing school, I live in Tinton Falls and was looking into Monmouth Voc but i do know where Pinelands nursing school is.

    How do you like Pinelands nursing school (tuition, books, hours?)

    Good luck!

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    Hello everyone,

    I'm really thinking of going to Monmouth Voc in NJ.

    Just wanted to know more about it, Especially the studying part as I have a 2 year old who does go to daycare, but also a household to run.

    How much was spent on books, outfits etc.

    I'm a lil bit nervous to make this career change as I'm 39 years old but wanted to do become a nurse for years now.

    Any advice?