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    Thank you, Brian. I think the changes are going to really help me and I am looking forward to using them.

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    Praying for a full and speedy recovering for your niece and God's peace and love to surround all your family.

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    I work in a small rural hospital...small retirement pension payments and no insurance offered for retirement.

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    I have insurance and WalMart charges me $4.00 for one of my prescriptions.

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    Thank you so much for your suggestions...I have also recently had a patient who was extremely manipulative and noncompliant...felt as though I used up a lot of energy and time trying to placate him which took away from the care I wanted to give my other the end of my 12 hour shift I was emotionally and mentally exhausted...don't ever want that to happen again. Thanks again,

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    So sorry to hear that this has happened.. I have been praying for all concerned..May the peace of God be with you all.

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    Hi Everyone..I am currently working med/surg in a small rural hospital...the physical demands are great but so is the satisfaction I get from the variety of patients we see.

    I always learn something new every shift..don't ever plan to retire..guess I'll just fade away running down the hall to answer the call light!

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    Hello..I work in a small rural hospital on the med/surg floor. I like to take a washcloth into the room and when I am washing my hands before examining the patient I will get the cloth warm,then I go to the bedside and if the patient has their eyes closed I will say "Good morning Mr/Mrs....,my name is.....and I will be your nurse today",then I give them the washcloth while I start to do my assessment...I can use this method to check the patient's alertness, their motor skills, etc. by what they do with the washcloth. This method seems to help the patients to wake up gently and usually in a better mood ..and that can set the tone for the day. Hope this helps.

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    Good information...interesting and very encouraging. Thank you.