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    agp_ph: November batch was already sent at the embassy last OCT 12.

    Quote from agp_ph
    Hello happylearning, I am just wondering if you already have an interview schedule?

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    Quote from jakey
    hello Heinrick,bottomless appetite,johnemmel 2003, agp ph, to everyone,

    Any good news from NVC? from case completion to case sent to Consulate ,how long does it take? everynight , I go to the visa appointment sched and encode my MNLXXXX number, it is almost like a vigil!!! I hope all of us will be in the next batch!!!
    Check ur case status on the first 2 weeks of OCTOBER... usually, they send the cases to manila on the first 2 weeks of the month... don't get too much excited coz our batch could already be affected by the retrogression... But nobody really knows... GoodLuck to our batch... Hope there's still visas left for us..

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    silverdragon: thanks, i hope it is done monthly

    Anyweis, let me share my timeline:

    USCIS Receipt: NOV 2005
    USCIS Approval: MARCH 2006
    DS230: MAY 2006
    Case Completed: AUGUST 2006

    It took me a long time from PACKET3 - Case Completion. Others took only weeks for their case to get completed after sending packet3. Does it take longer for a petition with DEPENDENTS to get completed??? Or it is really a case to case basis? Anyweis, goodluck to everybody. Its just a matter of time. Let's just hope that the coming visa retrogression will not last that long.

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    Quote from agp_ph
    Hi jakey, didi you try calling the NVC automated rewsponse to find out when your case was completed? I also have the same message above everytime I email NVC but when I called their automated response, the date of completeion was stated. Maybe we are batchmates. My case completiuon was Aug 23 but no interview schedule yet.
    hi der. mine was completed last august 29. i think we are on the same batch. there must be a cutoff in every batch of cases they send to manila coz i know somebody with a case completed last august 19 who made it to the SEPT11 batch... i think everybody here who already got their interview date on OCT belongs to the SEPT11 batch.. sadly, we did not make it..

    i have a question though, does anyone know if NVC send completed immigrant visa cases on a monthly basis? or they do this every 3months only? thanks in advance!