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    Memorial in Belleville does hire new grads. I believe they too have a residency program . Magnet status basically just means more paper work as far as I'm concerned. But, Memorial's standard of care far exceeds St. Elizabeth's. I know, I have worked at both. St. E's has a serious issue with understaffing. Which is setting someone up for failure. Memorial, on the other hand, has tons of employees that stay and stay for a very long period of time. Nurse/Patient ratios are pretty good and they try to keep that in mind to promote safe care.These are things that should be considered when applying as a new grad. Just because they promise you a sign on bonus and tell you that the residency program is "hard to get into" doesn't mean it's true. Those are tactics to get you to sign on. I heard Granite City is no walk in the park to work at...And East St. Louis basically is just an unsafe area to drive into to go to work. Mind you these are just my opinions.

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    Quote from itismemonica
    ITA! As long as the approach is respectful...I WELCOME constructive criticism. I have the opposite problem...make a mistake & sometimes a fellow nurse will say nothing & just hope you get in trouble :stone DISHEARTENING! Thank god that I have the opportunity to follow up on my work & I catch my mistakes... something we all do occasionally

    We all make mistakes...It's the "perfect" nurse that scares me the most. They are just better at covering those mistakes up...

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    Please don't take this the wrong way..But, maybe it's the way you approach it? Or it could be that the nurse is terrified they may be in trouble over it? We have some over zealous writer uppers that I work with.

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    SOme very informative responses...SOme like it and others don't... Like I said, I'm willing to try it. And I too am concerned with getting out in a timely manner. That hardly ever happens now with the acuity of our pts, transfers out of ICU, and trainwrecks that the ER sends us...I have a feeling that management will start coming down on us for costing them money in pay for not being able to get out on time. LOL.

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    Quote from southernbeegirl
    i was suspended once because i told the daughter of a dying patient that her mother was dying and there was nothing more we could do. she had been demanding that we basically "cure" her mother. her mother did die a few hours later. afterwards she sent a letter to administration about how she couldnt believe they had a supervisor as rude and intimidating as me. i had over 6 witnesses that were present when i talked with her AND it was on camera. the administration did not speak with ONE staff member about the incident. they simply suspended me and told me i was lucky i didnt get fired.

    That's inappropriate. Getting suspended for telling the truth...What did they want you to do? Tell them you could save her? Crazy!

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    I think the best thing you could do in a situation like that would be to document fully what the pt, family, doc, and nurse manager said...I gave up fighting a useless battle a long time ago.. I now cover my butt as best as possible. I also make sure that the pt is safe to the best of my ability. That's all you can really do when no one else cares about what is actually going on at the beside. My facility has turned into a HOliday Inn. Press gainey scores out weigh everything else as of late. So it seems. My philosophey is this....I go in, give the best care I can and then be done with it. I am the one who has to live with myself. So, I know that if I gave 110% with my pts...then, that's all I can do. We are not whipping boys to be treated poorly so the pencil pushers can make a buck...It's really a shame that nursing has come to this because there are many of us out there who still actually give $hit about what we do and how we give care to these sick people...

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    It seems to be very common as of late where I work. I shouldn't be happening..but, when supervisors and managers don't care and are only concerned with numbers, then, that's what happens.SO, I've decided that I will not bust my butt anymore to appease a facility that works like a machine and treats their employees like cattle that can be replaced. It's not fair to me or my pts...SO, I do what I can, protect my license, and stand up for myself...Yes, I'm a trouble maker.

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    Quote from stellarjess
    My boss reamed me for calling in sick for my shift tonight. I had the flu last week (called in 2 shifts), felt better, went back to work, and now have a respiratory thing going on, so I called in. My thought process is, why put a sick nurse on the floor if there can be a replacement who is healthy and won't be coughing, fever, congestion, etc. all over the place.

    What would you do? I still think I did the right thing. Seems like a no-brainer to me, but now I feel guilty.
    Our facility is starting to dinge employees for calling in. So, if i'm sick, I'll be family had the swine and I got a point for it. Even though our medical director told us not to come to work sick..I laughed and thought whatever..Doesn't make much sense. But, hey, if they want me to come in and spread my be it..

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    I was just wondering if your facility utilizes bedside shift reporting. Is it working well? What do you feel are the pros and cons with it? Our facility is going to start to use this method of report very soon. I'm willing to try it..But, don't see how it's really going to work high acuity pts and admissions late in the shift etc...Any thoughts?

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    I once had a woman disconnect her dad's chest tube so he could get up and go to the bathroom. He was on bedrest and confused, mind you. She was a nursing student and knew "everything." Yeah....that was a really fun day!

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    We are doing peer reviews at my facility. I haven't gotten mine yet or have been asked to do one. But, from what I'm hearing from other staff members is making me very uncomfortable. Some of the feedback is malicious. I'm concerned because I don't understand how this could be a positive thing for staff and promote good working relationships between staff members. They are suppose to be confidential. Meaning you don't know who wrote what about about a person. I also heard that they have day shift RN's reviewing nighshift RN's.And vice versa. Now, can somebody please tell me how this is fair? The shifts are seperate! I find this very disturbing. ANy thoughts? Also, I was told the reviews are taken into consideration when obtaining our raises. Pretty scary.

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    Quote from rn-jane
    You could say you feel you need more medical surgical opportunities which was not offered at your present facility for strengthening or advancing your skills as a nurse. Don't even talk about wanting to go back later or imply that.

    I totally agree. Perfect answer!

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    Oh and yes, it's my fault because I won't let them. "Sure, I'll be glad to call the supervisor." Not a problem. LOL.

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    Pt in for elevated cardiac enzymes, shortness of breath, high blood sugar, and diaphoresis. But is demanding to go out and smoke in between bouts of chest pain. Why do they even bother coming in?

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    I have just few that really irke me.

    1) The all hateful malicious gossipers. Gotta love them!
    2) Not being able to find a place to sit and chart because people are unwilling to get up because they are in the middle of gossiping and talking about others. (Come on people! I just want to chart and get out of here!)
    3) Drowning with a very heavy team and glancing over at staff members who have time to read books, play on the computer, and of course gossip! LOL.
    4) Drug seekers. Yes, I love them. They just make my day. "No, I can't give 5 hydrocodones at once." "I understand that's how you take them at home, but it's not ordered here that way." " What?" "You are allergic to Motrin, Tylenol, Tramadol, and ASA?" "Oh....I see, Morphine works the best for you." Yes, people, I love spending the majority of my shift dealing with junkies. Because I just have all this extra time on my hands!
    5) And of course, the constipated pt who's been here for 6 days, hasn't pooped in 6 days, but, all of sudden, you want me to fix it? Sure! no problem!
    6) And my favorite! The doc who yells at you for calling him/her concerning their pt who may be starting to go down the tubes. "Yes, I know it's late." "Why am I bothering you?" "Ummmm, I don't know, probably because this pt helps pay for that new Porsch you park outside the hospital everyday?" "Thanks for the help, pal."

    Sorry......rough last couple of days at work. I really feel better now.