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    Quote from howlyn12
    Hi to incublissRN- how do you find the BSU program? Challanging or easy. How is the work load. Do you feel that it is structured well and comprehensive? Much appreciated- howlyn12
    I thought my first semester was easy. I work 3 12 hour night shifts and my first semester I had 5 credit hours. The rest of the semesters will be 6 credit hours. It will take me 3 years to complete. The workload this past semester was definitely doable. I liked it because it was structured and it fit my lifestyle. It will be interesting to see how the difficulty increases! I am hoping to work full time for as long as possible.

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    Quote from howlyn12
    I, too, am thinking of taking the FNP program at BSU online. What are your thoughts on the program so far?
    I thought my first semester was easy. My first clinical is this spring. You find your own sites and arrange agency and preceptor agreements. I'm nervous about this part! However, when I interviewed before I was accepted they discussed sites that would be suitable for each clinical. I'll let you know how it goes. I like online education because it's structured and I work 3 12 hour night shifts so it suits my lifestyle.

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    Quote from MissRobin
    I also recently applied to BSU. I was told I would hear something Oct/Nov time frame if I can start Jan 2009. I know some schools online students pay in-state tuition. Does anyone know if this is the case for BSU? Also any thoughts on how current students are liking the program would be helpful. Thanks!
    From my information it looks like they charge out of state tuition. In-State is $246 per credit hour and Out-of-State is $428 per credit hour. You could call the online and distance education department to double check.

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    Hi there! I am going to Ball State and I just completed my first semester of the FNP program. My first two classes were nursing theory and nursing information and technology. This fall I have research and data analysis. Congrats on starting the program soon to both of you! Feel free to message me if you have any specific questions.

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    Quote from josoknow
    Get this! Where I work in ICU the nurses are respiratory therapy. The nurses set up and maintain all ventilators with no respiratory backup, the hospital does not see a need for a respiratory department, the nurses can do all that a respiratory therapist does, per my hospital. We also set up and maintain bipap machines. I got online with my nursing board in oklahoma and basically we are practicing beyond our scope of practice.In our ICU there is only 2 RN's and a clerk to 6 patients. No aide to help, not even a lift in the hospital to help lift large patients, which we have a large population of bariatric patients. Nursing always gets dumped on!!
    I can't believe that! Our RTs are worth their weight in gold. I rely on them frequently. I don't see how you get anything done!

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    I have just accepted a job in PACU. I've worked in cardiac recovery for 2 years now. The short staffing and management issues have continued and I'm tired. I'm ready for something new!

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    I'm looking for suggestions on how to answer the dreaded "reason for leaving" question. I currently work on a cardio vascular thoracic recovery unit and am applying for a PACU position. Mainly because of staffing and administrative decisions but also because our unit is becoming more like an LTAC and I enjoy recovering patients. Any ideas?? I was thinking maybe change of specialty.

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    Here are my scores on the test (I forgot to post them):

    cardio 93%
    pulm 95%
    endo 100%
    heme 100%
    neuro 83%
    GI 100%
    renal 83%
    multisystem 70%
    synergy 96%

    I too did great on multisystem on the practice exams and it was my worst score!

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    Quote from graduate_2002
    Just checking in to say I passed!!!!!! Woohoo! I feel great and like I have accomplished something big, I feel like I have become a more competent nurse by studying for this exam. I recommend that every critical care nurse do it! It was very comparable to the PASS CCRN practice exams, maybe a little harder it seemed, but I felt very prepared from using Gasparis' DVDs and doing those practice exams!

    Here are my scores:

    I got 104/125 correct 83% (same as my practice exams! )

    Cardio: 88% I was pleasantly shocked! I sucked on practice exam with cardio!
    Pulmonary: 75%
    Endocrine: 100%
    Hemat/Immunology: 100%
    Neuro: 100%
    Gastro: 86%
    Renal: 83%
    Multi: 60% What the heck!? I was doing great on practice exam here!
    Professional/Synergy Model: 80%

    Overall, I am happy with my performance, I studied hard and it paid off! Thanks for everything!

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    So far the news has been well received at work! I have been congratulated by management and staff. A doctor overheard the nurses talking about it and congratulated me too! I get my name put on a plaque on our unit. For my reward I decided to buy myself a CCRN pin and badge holder. I earned it and want people to see it!

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    Well the first question was about an overdose and I definitely didn't know the answer. I hate when you don't know the answer to the first question on a test! I was sweating those 25 unscored ones too! They make you feel like you are going to fail.

    One question was right off Dennison but the answer choices were different.

    The content on the Pass CCRN exams is so similar to the exam. They helped me a ton. I think studying with the Gasparis DVDs and Pass CCRN tests is the perfect studying plan.

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    Or is it 115/125 if 25 questions don't count? Oh well, doesn't really matter.

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    I kept my test date a secret for as long as I could, hehe.

    I passed!!! I got 115/150 which is almost exactly what I got on my last two practice tests. I'm so glad it's over and it feels like a great achievement! I haven't decided on a reward yet