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    A fall down a hill in Palo Duro Canyaon on the last dat of her vacation began a jouney for Fairfield woman that would take her and her housband through almost year of Doctor visit and internet resarch, and would end in hospital in India where they become part of trend called "medical tourist".
    An alternative to typical medical care, hospitals provide health care at much reduced rate, and amke the stay in that country enjoyable as well, called "medical tourist".
    "They concentrate on two things, Sherber says. "Providing exceptionally good health care at an extremely modest price, and making a holiday it."
    Mrs. Sherber's surgery - which didn't require a total knee replacement - was done in May of this year at tha Wockhardt Hospital in Mumbai, India, previously known as Bombay.

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    Im new here!

    Im from Wockhardt Hospital, India.