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    Hey Deb - Love those quotes! Think I'll go get that book!!

    I've always liked people from Missouri! (My dad was born and raised in the Missouri Ozarks!!!!)


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    A M E N hickman35!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    good morning all!!!!! yep - i finally crawled out of the bed!!!!

    boy this cfids (cfs) is the pits!!!!!!

    as amy peterson (a u.s. speedskater with cfs) said on international tv: "i have my red-light days in which i can barely drag myself out of bed, and my green-light days when i can almost function normally."

    today already seems like a "green-light day" for me!!

    about aching backs - i have a buldging disc from moving many heavy patients (probably started when i worked rehab). but as soon as i found out about it i started doing back exercises and trying to take care of it - have had no need for surgery (thank goodness). i don't need to take pain meds for it - the only way it affects me is that i can't stay in bed for more than 8 hours or it will really hurt!!!! i don't think that's bad - especially with all the excess weight i'm carrying!!

    i had to change jobs at the age of 43 when the hospital i worked for changed from 8 hour to 12 hour shifts!!! i tried but couldn't handle 12 hours - - - there are some places that still have 8 hour shifts and some facilities will work with you!!

    glad you all are posting again!! i missed the activity!!!!!

    happy valentines day everyone!!!!!!!!!! :d

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    glad to see you all - busy day here, couldn't get on and respond like i would have liked to - and now it's soo-o--o late! i'll catch you all during the day h a p p y v a l e n t i n e s d a y ! ! ! ! !

    here's a poem for you all:

    "love, what love!!!"
    by: karen ebel

    as the years go by, you've been their support, the foundation for them to build their
    young lives on.
    the one who guided them, comforted and consoled them, cheered them on to great
    sacrificed your wants and desires, dedicated many years of your life to give them what
    they needed to get a good start on life.
    then all of a sudden, you find yourself:

    -helpless when they struggle thru hard times
    -frustrated when you watch them make mistakes, wrong choices
    -wanting to run to their rescue, pick them up when they fall, make everything ok
    -aching and longing when you haven't seen or spoken to them in weeks
    -yearning to hear their voice, hug them, hold them close to your breast
    -wishing that you could go thru all the heartache and disappointments for them
    -realizing that all you can do is pray that god will guide and strengthen them

    these are feelings that no one can understand - no one except for a parent.
    no one can understand the width, breadth and depth of the love parents have for their children
    no one, except for god, our father, who loved us so much that he sacrificed his son - for us ! ! !

    i'm sure this will not be lined up in proper form - but you'll get the meaning anyway -

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    It's me again Yip!

    My oldest daughter CAN'T STAND sick people - and even says old people smell!!! She is way too selfish to go into any helping profession - I see her as more a singer/actress type (if she takes off that weight she's but on in the past 6 months)!
    BTW: She says she will NEVER get married (that may rule out

    My youngest says after seeing what I've gone thru in Nursing - NO WAY! She is the helping kind - but - she plans on going into some type of ministry/missionary work in a Spanish speaking area/land and use her Musical talent (singing) in that ministry!!!

    Personally -1- I am NOT looking forward to the empty nest--
    -2- I Definately can wait AT LEAST 10 more years
    before becomming a grandma!!!!

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    i know exactly what you are going thu - i've had the blessed opportunity to watch my daughters grow! the oldest is almost 20 and my youngest is going on 17!!!!!!

    the only problem with children is they grow up way too quickly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! especially when we have been blessed with girls who are "above the normal" for these days!!! i'm looking at facing the empty nest syndrome soon (my baby-nicknamed c.j.--
    will be a senoir next year and my oldest went away to college to ohio - i live in nc). does that mean i'll wind up in an apartment under the interstate???? lol !!!!

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    :roll congratulations ! ! ! i'm doing cartwheels! ! !

    keep it up! ! ! look ahead - not back ! ! !

    you've conquered the demon! ! ! ! :roll

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    Welcome yipididit!

    Good luck pursuing your ed. I don't have the energy anymore for that!

    BTW: How old are your girls? I have two daughters!

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    Welcome! My family is also from Germany - My Grandmother came over from Engsladt!

    Also - I have a cousin who just had a triple bypass and is in a hospital in St. Louis! His name is Erv (short for Ervel)!

    Also - my two children's ages are 19 and 16!

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    Nurse at larges post was just before my last post! It's not there now!!!!

    I've been HH nurse past 7 years - worked in Med-Surg, ICU,Psych, Chemical Dependency etc. Been Nurse for over 25 years!!!

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    Welcome fellow Buckeye!

    My best friend lives in Obetz! I'm originally from Cincinnati!
    I'm fairly new to Bulletin boards too but I LOVE this one!

    Hi Nurse at large! Don't feel so bad - I've been "in the business" for over 25 years!!!!!!


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    I wish I knew the answer. Unfortunately I had to leave Hospital nursing years ago (12 hr shifts and I didn't get along) but I love Home Health!!!
    With my situation - due to my husbands job - we kept getting transferred so I was NEVER at a job long enough to become established in an organization (and you need that to affect changes!!).
    Now that I'm in Home Health, I can see that there really isn't anything I can do (now that it's getting hard for me to keep up). The reason is MONEY! I have no idea how we can change things when we are competing with Profit/Keeping the agency/Hospital afloat!! So many HH agencies are shutting down and they have to do what they have to do to keep afloat!
    If a - or a group of younger nurses are willing to tackle this problem - THAT'S GREAT! Due to the Medicare rules - It would take becomming politically involved - affecting leglislature!
    I leave that to a MUCH BETTER PERSON than I to accomplish those things! G O O D L U C K ! ! !
    I sincerely hope that there ARE people out there who can change the face of Nursing like that! It will most likely be too late for me - but it needs to be done for the future of this Profession!!!

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    A M E N

    YOU CAN DO IT! ! ! !

    GO RUSTY!!!


    CONGRATS! ! ! !

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    It's almost too late (ll58pm) but - Happy Birthday Nurse Kitty!

    I hope you had a great evening out!!!

    I know what you mean by moving 5 times in 5 years - Because of my husbands work we had to move 6 times in 7 years!

    The job changing was HORRIBLE! I'm glad that My hubby got laid off when the company downsized back in l994!!!!! We had just bought a house so we got to settle down!! Even though it's in a different state then family!

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    I don't think anyone has given up - just looking for suitable alternatives!!!

    Me - If Parish Nursing isn't where the Lord wants me to be - then I will work in HH still - but part-time and work around my Good Days - I think that just by getting out of the full-time Case Manager roll - my stress level - ie health - will improve!!

    Lorniki: I know just what you mean! And these young nurses think we don't know a thing!! I was a patient not too long ago in the hospital for surgery - BOY has the care changed!!! I tend to agree with others who have posted on this site - It really is Administration that is behind this - they haven't found a way to manage the health care financial problems while maintaining staffing adequate to meet the patients needs!!!!

    I had a foot of my intestines removed (this was back in 1998) and was in the hospital 6 days - NOT ONCE was I offered a back rub (we were taught in Nrsg school that back rubs are an essential part of HS care) - and I was lucky to have my water pitcher filled up daily!!! I couldn't tell you how may water pitchers I filled and how manyu back rubs I gave over the years before the DRG's