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    I am from
    Moncton NB Canada,
    Université de Moncton
    Grad in June 06

    P.S. Welcome to

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    Thanks Nightingale,
    Yes i do feel rushed all the time, but this is likely because there is staff shortage, and also the fact that i am new. I don't yet feel confident about all my skills, and i ask plenty of questions to the other nurses working with me during my shifts... it is the only way i can ensure my patents safety, i never do anything i don't feel comfortable doing. Most nurses are very understanding and helpful... mark my *MOST*
    I would love nothing more than a permanent position, but its not easy when youre new and working at this hospital, its really unfair! It goes by seniority, the amount of hours you put in.

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    Hey all you fellow heroes
    I, like many of you, am new to this site... I like reading it now and then its a real pick me up! I just graduated as a nurse a couple of months ago (NB Canada).
    Now i work occasional (but full time hours) on a *float* team at the local hospital. Whats frustrating is i work on 3 different departments. ne day here, the next day there... I find it frustrating because i hardly have time to grow accustomed to the routines, environnment and clients of one place before i'm shipped off to another... So I am constantly looking all over the unit for this and that, not knowing my patients too well either, since there is no continuity of care on my part.
    To me that is the most *challenging* part of my job for now.
    The hospital where I work hardly ever offers permanent or even temporary full time positions to us newbies.. and to me that it horrible because not only am i new, but i'm dont have the chance to become comfortable in my working atmosphere, and i believe that is unsafe for our patients.

    I wanted to ask what is your opinion on this, and what are your biggest challenges?


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    Hello... I just graduated from Université de Moncton, in New-Brunswick, Canada. It`s a french university in the province... Only requirements were that i have taken some sciences in high school and that i take my CPR also.. I believe that is all? It was not very competitive I don't find...

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    Hello all...
    I am a new member, thanks to Gentle02! She and I have studied and then graduated, and written our Nt`l exam together... Like she says, the wait is long and bumpy... I get butterflies in my tummy every time i check the mail lol..Oh me, oh my!!! :selfbonk:

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    I find this question very interesting! I'm a new graduate nurse (not yet registered..waiting for those results to come in). With my short experience i've learned how necessary it is to learn to work and communicate efficiently with all members of staff in a health care Center. There are registered nurses, lpn's, rpn's, etc. I believe there are different kinds of nurses, wich may sometimes be confusing to our patients. They may wonder, *Which nurse is it that is going to bring my pills? Who's going to bathe me this morning?* etc... No matter what *kind of nurse* we are, our goals and priorities remain the same: the well being of our clients! And i believe that we should recognize each and every role we play in the care plans of our clients, and its important that they know who we are and what each one of us has to do with their health care.
    I don't know if I've even answered the question but I felt i could reply somehow to this forum because it is something that I myself have been wondering, so I figured I could present my opinion. I hope also that I haven't offended anybody! By the way cool site I love it

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    Hey Gentle 02... It's me your lil buddie you know who hehe... you refered me to this site and now i'm a member too!! xox love ya