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    I am so glad to hear there are others who are in the same financial crunch as I am AND those who are completely changing fields. I quit my corporate marketing job so I could move closer to friends (for support) and to gain residency in a state where I could AFFORD to go to nursing school.

    I'm just not sure if I should:
    (1)get my LPN first to help pay my way through RN school
    (2) try to work full time and go to school part time
    (3) or if I should just borrow even more than I did for my last BA and hope that a hospital will pay off the loans.

    This is pretty scary business all around. I definitely want to get my RN but the financial side scares me!

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    I completely agree that location is important. You should look at pay ranges and at housing costs. Here in the NC mountains, LPNs don't make $18/hr and the housing costs are significant. (I'm not an LPN - but work at a hospital that shares pay ranges.) I've thought about moving to another area where housing cost are low so that I can afford to get my RN.

    This website might help if you are considering moving to :
    "Wonder how far your salary will go in another city? See how it measures up, based on cost of living factors." "Error"

    Hope that helps!